What Remains Bingo Math Game

What Remains BINGO GameThis board game focuses on the art of finding remainders. With a few simple materials you can find around the house, you can create a fun new way to work on an important concept. Your child will start out by creating a bunch of division problems, then he'll solve them and, finally, he'll turn the remainders into a game of bingo.

What You Need:
Index cards or white paper cut down to size
Counters (plastic chips, pennies, beans)
Scratch paper

What You Do:
1. Have your child and all other players write unique division problems on 24 index cards. Distribute the cards evenly among the players and figure out the answers on scratch paper. Double check the answers to make sure they are correct.

2. Write the correct answer on the back of the index card.

3. Create a bingo card by making a grid on paper. The grid should be 5 squares across and 5 squares down, with the center square being the "Free" square. Write B-I-N-G-O at the top of the grid.

4. Read aloud all of the answers on the back of the index cards. Have the players write down the numbers inside the squares on their bingo cards. They should choose which square they wish to write each number in and continue writing numbers in the squares until each square has a number in it.

5. Shuffle the index cards and place them face up in a stack in the middle of the table, so the answers cannot be seen.

6. All players should place a counter on the "Free" space.

7. Read aloud the division problem on the first card and let all the players work out the answer on their pieces of scratch paper. The first player to call out the correct answer gets to use that number on his bingo card.

8. Continue playing until the first player to make a full row on his card shouts, "Bingo!

I hope you like today's game idea; it was brought to you by the wonderful people at Education.com. I love that it is easily customized to younger or older players depending on what sort of division problems you use to play.  

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  1. I love math games! Thank you for the idea. :-)

  2. Oh I like this! Division is proving quite difficult for my middle daughter. I am going to use this with her.

    1. I hope it helps; for some reason I found my boys all struggled more with division than multiplication also.


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