Most Popular Posts I've Ever Written

In looking back through my posts I always enjoy going all the way back to the beginning and seeing if there are any trends in some of the most popular posts I've ever posted.

Here are the top 10 posts of my blog:

10.  Model Making, Flubber, and Slime: With one last day of party planning and cleaning we, once again, hit the road for some errands on Friday.   The boys were thrilled that I allowed them to bring their Nintendo DS's in the car while we finished up some last minute shopping... Ian talked me into buying him a model making kit.  My husband and I have been talking about what a great hobby this would be for Ian but most of the kits we've found are for cars or airplanes and Ian has no interest.  Today he found a Monster Jam Gravedigger truck and begged me for the kit... Continue reading for our flubber and slime recipes. 

9. Who's Plan? Embracing the Wandering Path of Our Homeschool:  I woke up this morning with no idea of what we'd do this morning.  Sometimes I'm so overwhelmed with ideas I've found on Pinterest, in my Family Fun magazines, or even in my many learning games books that I just can't focus.  I keep joking it's like I have ADD of homeschooling, I'm easily distracted and want to try everything we see or hear about.  Teaching in a classroom was very different in that I had a set curriculum for each subject and clear objectives set up by the school and state that had to be met by the end of the year. Homeschooling isn't like that.  It's not as cut and dried.  Continue reading...

8.  10 Things This Homeschool Mom is Sick of Hearing: We love [homeschooling]!.. I don't always love all the questions and comments though; even when they're asked or said with good intentions.  I don't blame the people who are asking; after all they don't know I get asked the same things over and over and over again.  But I'm hear to tell you that it can get annoying...
In no particular order these are the types of things you should try to refrain from asking or saying: Continue reading

7. 25 Read Aloud Activities to Keep Hands Active:  I have never expected my boys to sit perfectly still and just listen to our stories when I am reading aloud.  I certainly wouldn't mind it if they did but I also don't mind if they find a quiet activity to work on while listening.  As they have gotten older it's much easier for them to sit and listen but I still don't expect them to sit perfectly still and they often are busy doing other things.  Continue reading. 

6. Science Fair Day: Yipee! The boys were so excited to hear that it was finally the day of our science fair...  Continue reading to see all of the wonderful science fair presentations.

5.  Christmas Crafts for Middle School:   We typically spend the month of December baking lots of holiday treats, trying out some new craft projects (and hopefully turning a few into gifts), watching lots of Christmas movies and reading books about the holiday.  It's a fun time but as my boys have gotten older it's been a bit harder to find craft projects that are at just the right skill level... Continue reading... 

4.  Holiday Baking and Crafts: We are having so much with our Christmas themed work!  

I think homeschooling around Christmas time is my favorite.  We get to include so many wonderful crafts and baking projects together as school and it really helps with our holiday spirit!... continue reading.  

3.  Unschooling Ideas for All Subjects:   The boys all piled into my bed for some snuggling and cuddling.  We talked and just enjoyed hanging out with one another for quite a bit.  Once they all started tickling one another, feet were flying and wrestling ensued I decided to sneak out and spend some time on the computer coming up with a plan of activities. It seems our weeks go best when I have activity ideas already in my mind when the week begins. Continue reading

2.  99 Unschooling Projects and Ideas: We've been leaning more and more towards unschooling.  I love the idea of letting the children lead... I have been thinking of all the ways my children learn naturally through life and play.  I was getting excited and didn't want to forget any of them so I thought if I was going to be writing it down I might was well jot the list down on the blog and that way you can all share in my ideas... continue reading

1.  Heading Back to Homeschooling After a Long Break: We've had a lot of fun slacking off for the last week or so but it's time to get back to work... We did lots of sledding and pursuing our own interests but I could see it was time to get back to the real world.  My boys were really getting addicted to video games and screens and I was feeling guilty that I wasn't teaching them anything... Continue reading to see how we started back to Homeschooling without complaints or tears.   

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  1. What a great selection of posts, and so varied as well! It is always interesting to see what others most popular post is about Viking writing (who knew THAT would be a popular topic to write about?!)

    1. Thanks. Viking writing?! Who would have thought that would be so popular?

  2. A creative collection and so neat to see what was popular!


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