Model making, Flubber & Slime

With one last day of party planning and cleaning we, once again, hit the road for some errands on Friday. 

Ian talked me into buying him a model making kit.  My husband and I have been talking about what a great hobby this would be for Ian but most of the kits we've found are for cars or airplanes and Ian has no interest.  Today he found a Monster Jam Gravedigger truck and begged me for the kit.

I bought it and hoped that he wouldn't loose interest before he finished it.  I needn't have worried about it though, after a few pouting attempts to get me to help him he ended up putting the whole thing together (all by himself!) in an hour or two.  It came out awesome and he's so proud of it!  He's already talking about the next kit he'd like to try.

We stopped at the library today since we had some books that were due and I talked the boys into looking around for some books.   The boys didn't really want to stay at the library but within minutes each had a bulging pile.  My bag was overflowing and each of the boys carried a book into the car.

Our pile of books
We set to work making some flubber and slime for our party.

Making slime (just like flubber but with clear glue)

Nice and slimy! 

Flubber too! 
 Easy Slime recipe:
1 Tsp. Borax
1 Cup hot water
Elmer's Glue-- clear
Food coloring
Directions:  Mix Elmer's glue and food coloring in a bowl.  In a separate container dissolve Borax into hot water.  Let sit for a few minutes and then combine the Borax solution with the glue.  You'll see part of it start firming up immediately.  Get right in there and mix and mash and stir until you have a nice consistency.  There may be some residual liquid left in the bowl and you can just dump that out.  

              Easy Flubber Recipe:
Substitute white glue for clear glue in the above recipe!  

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