Books My Boys Read in January

We had plans to take the first two weeks off from school and then we had a few unexpected snow days, a sleepover on a school night, and we always take Alec's birthday off in January too so I really expected the boys reading list to be quite small this month.

However, Alec went to Barnes and Noble twice to pick out his birthday gifts and came home with quite a stack of books each time (only some of which are pictured in the below photo).  Not all that surprising he managed to read quite a few of them and has found several new book series to read!

Here are the books we've been working on this month:

Stormbreaker-- Ian got half way through Hatchet and told me he really didn't like the book at all so I told him to return it to the library and try another book.  We picked Stormbreaker and hoped that it would be more action packed for him to enjoy.... When Alex discovers that his uncle is really a spy for Britain's Secret Agency he is recruited to find his uncle's killers.  Ian loves movies like Mission Impossible so I thought he'd like this too.

Mr.  Nick is a Lunatic-- Evan and I finished up this hilarious weird school book in which all of the teachers at Ella Mentary School go on strike because they need coffee in the teacher's lounge.  AJ and his friends have a hard time taking the substitute teachers and principals seriously after they learn that the art teacher is really a dentist and the creative writing teacher was really a yoga instructor.  Evan talked about it so much that Alec decided to read it too; in one sitting, of course.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets; Illustrated Edition-- Evan and I also worked on reading a few more chapters in the second book of the Harry Potter series when the chamber of secrets is opened up and Harry must figure out how to stop his fellow students from being petrified or else face the school closing forever.  We love the Harry Potter books and these illustrated editions have such amazing imagery in them.  We're moving pretty slowly through them as Evan prefers easier to read materials like the Weird School Books but he has set a goal to finish reading all three illustrated editions this year so I know we'll get there slowly but surely.

Heroes in Training; Dionysus and the Land of Beasts-- Alec loves these short easy to read chapter books about the Greek gods.  In this book the other Olympians go searching for Dionysus in the hopes that he is one of them and can help them defeat Cronus.

Beasts of Olympus: Dragon Healer -- Another easy to read chapter books series about the Greek gods that Alec just loves.  In this book Demon must heal Ares smelly dragon.


Wings of Fire Book One; The Graphic Novel-- Though my middle son already read the whole Wings of Fire series to date he just HAD to own and read the graphic novel too!  He loved the illustrations and the re-telling of one of his favorite books about the dragons of Pyrrhia.

The Secrets of Bearhaven; Mission to Moon Farm-- Alec just read book one in this series last month and enjoyed it so much he immediately asked me to request book 2.  In this squeal when Spencer uncovers a secret that all the bears are keeping from him he goes storming out of Bearhaven on his own to find his parents until his best bear friend his kidnapped.

Flashback Four: The Titanic Mission-- We read book one last month as a family and really enjoyed these historical fiction books. In this book the flashback four are sent back in time to capture the sinking of the Titanic but when one thing after another goes wrong it starts to look like they might never make it back home.

The End of Infinity-- In this final book of the series Jack is embarking on his last battle; will he be the greatest hero his world has ever known or it's greatest villain? 

The Hidden World of Changers; the Gathering Storm- One of the new books Alec picked out for his birthday and he read this chapter book in a day!  Four middle school students find that they can transform into mythical creatures and while they have never been friends before they must unite to fight off a powerful and evil warlock. 

The Hidden World of Changers book 2-- The Emerald Mask-- Alec was thrilled to receive book 2 as another gift and he greedily devoured that book too. In the second book the students are learning to control their powers; something that everyone else seems to be able to do except for Gabriella. 

Mrs. Meyer is on Fire-- Another fun and hilarious book about the antics at AJ's school.  This time Mrs. Meyer is here to teach them all about fire safety... but Mrs. Meyer may just love fire a little too much.

The Lost Rainforest-- With this book having been described as The Lion King meets Wings of Fire we just knew Alec would love it!  Caldera has always been divided by nightwalkers and daywalkers.  The nightwalkers fear the legend and myth of daywalkers until the night of the eclipse when one young panther finds that she can enter the daylight world.

Gladiator School Book 1; Blood Oath-- Set in Ancient Rome, when Lucius' father is accused of being a spy, his older brother decides to train as a gladiator.  Lucius vows to prove his father is innocent while his brother is fighting for the family's survival.

Diary of A Wimpy Kid; The Getaway-- In the latest book in the series Greg Heffley and his family are escaping to paradise to relax from the stress of the holidays but vacations never seem to go the way they plan and this adventure isn't any different.

What have you and your family been reading lately?

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  1. Yay for Harry Potter! Zachary finished reading Smile and it working through Auggie and Me.

    1. We have to read Wonder or Auggie and Me but they are on our list!

  2. Mrs. Meyer is on Fire sounds fun and hilarious!

    My boys are grown up now. I doubt they read anything other than text messages on their phones!

    1. LOL! I have a feeling my oldest son will be like that.

  3. Great list! And I recognised most of them :)

    1. Alec found a few "new to us" series that he wants to start reading. I love how adventurous he is about digging into new books.

  4. What a reader you have! His list reminds me of the type of books my son read at his age. My grandkids are not up to that level of reading as yet but the oldest does like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and nature books. My daughter in law reads Harry Potter to both boys at bedtime and I knw as soon as they can they will be reading those books themselves.

    1. Oh yes, my middle son DEVOURS books and I just love it. His brothers don't read as much but I do enjoy seeing what they decide to read and helping them make some fun selections.

  5. Children's books are the best! Thank you for sharing this list and sharing at Party In Your PJ's.


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