Blogging Through the Alphabet: Z is for Zest

Zest is defined as great energy or enthusiasm and I could think of no better word to end our Homeschooling Through the Alphabet series.

I didn't realize how much my boys were loosing their zest for learning until we began homeschooling and I allowed them to start learning about things that they were interested in learning about.

It became a goal of mine to bring that zest back!  I wanted to see them excited, laughing, and dying to share whatever they were learning about with whomever would listen.

In short I wanted my boys to approach learning with enthusiasm.

I do have a hard time keeping them each interested in ALL areas of learning but I do try to let them lead whenever possible.  I have found that the more excited my boy are about what we are learning the more they learn, retain, and want to continue learning.

I try to teach with energy and enthusiasm too since I find that they are often contagious.  Thinking back to when I was in school I most remember those things that my teachers were passionate about and I try to teach with that passion.

I try to lead with energy and even try to apply that zest to living life in general.

What could be better than that?!

Homeschooling Through the Alphabet:

A is for Awe
B is for Boisterous
C is for Creativity
D is for Determination
E is for Expectations
F is for Fun
G is for Games
H is for Heart
I is for Independence
J is for Journey
K is for Kitchen
L is for Longevity
M is for Moments
N is for Nature
O is for Options
P is for Personalized 
Q is for Quicker 
R is for Recreation
S is for  Simple
T is for Trends
U is for Unexpected
V is for Variety
W is for Waiting
X is for X-tras 
Y is for Years 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I wasn't sure if I would or not since I've been feeling kind of blah about blogging and realize I need a small break but I just could not quit with just a few weeks left!

  2. Once I wrote an ABC post listing the blessings of homeschooling, but I love that you made yours into a series. Very cool! 🙌🏻

    1. I'd love to take credit but it was definitely not my idea.

  3. Oh yeah. Zest. Enthusiasm is seriously lacking these days. I remember how much they used to love "doing school." I need to get some of that back. They won't like everything, but should enjoy some of it.


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