Homeschooling Through the Alphabet: B is for Boisterous!

I have 3 boys and while I was thinking B is for Boy that was just a bit too obvious.  So I started thinking about how I would describe homeschooling three boys and the word that kept coming to mind was Boisterous!

Boisterous is defined as noisy, energetic, and cheerful; or rowdy... really there is no better way to describe our days!

With three boy this house is pretty noisy and energetic.  We often stop in the middle of our homeschooling days for toy sword battles, Nerf gun wars, or games of chase.  My boys wrestle, yell, and shout no matter how many times we tell them to stop or to take it outside...

Such is the nature of boys!

I know that my boys are full bodied learners and so I try to come up with activities where they can learn and move, think and tinker, create and explore.  Anything that's messy is usually a huge hit with all three of my boys. 

  • Building with blocks or real tools.
  • Writing sight words, math facts or vocabulary words on large poppers and having them stomp on them as we review.
  • Putting together robotics kits.
  • Setting off rockets, exploding volcanoes, and setting off geysers-- we seem to do this at least a few times each year.
  • They've made their own sleds using duct tape and cardboard (along with other household supplies).
  • Made their own rafts with pool noodles, zip ties, and other assorted supplies.
  • Build their own forts in the woods.

Since they are so full of energy I often plan activities just to tire them out.

  • We take weekly field trips where we can learn by exploring; often walking around for a full day at a museum, aquarium, or park.
  • We go hiking and for nature walks almost daily.
  • When it's rainy or cold outside we'll exercise together or play active video games like Just Dance.
  • We ride bikes, play baseball, spend a lot of time outside.

My boys are naturally competitive and enjoy competing with one another.  I've learned to use that in our homeschool. 
  • Play a LOT of board games-- loudly....
  • Set the timer often for them to work against
  • Give repeated math test having them try to beat their last best score

My boys love anything have to do with weapons, guns, and mass destruction.  We've found a lot of ways to turn that obsession into learning opportunities. 
  • They make their own swords in the woodworking shop.
  • Make shields in the fabrication shop.
  • Use squirt guns for art.
  • Use water balloons and water guns to practice math facts in the driveway with calk.
  • Learn history with a focus on wars and the changing ammunition.

Gone are the days when I pictured my boys sitting quietly at the table reading and writing for hours on end.  I have learned to embrace my boys, their liveliness and use that extra energy to pack all that we can into our days.

Our days are never boring, quiet, or routine and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love that our days are unpredictable, filled with life and energy, and lots of laughter and fun.

I love my boisterous boys!

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  1. Isn't life with boys fun! Thank you for sharing your fun-filled days with your boisterous boys!

  2. We were thinking along the same lines, although I did use the obvious BOYS for my B word! Boys do make life interesting. They keep me on my toes!

    1. They sure do! And you know what they say; great minds think alike!

  3. With three boys myself, I think I was nodding my head the entire time during this post! Spot on beautiful lady!

  4. Oh, boys! I love mine, but some days I wonder where they get their energy and how I am supposed to keep up! Thank you for joining us on this adventure through the alphabet!

    1. OH don't I know it! It is tough to keep up that's for sure.

  5. Hehe, I have 3 boys and it was always should I say, loud!! 2 have grown up and gone to uni now, but my son and daughter are still loud and boisterous when they get home from school :) Thanks for joining us this week at the Wednesday blog hop.

  6. As a mum of four boys, I always thought the spelling of that word should have been BOYsterous!

  7. God only blessed me with one boy, but with 4 girls. Some days I think I would rather deal with the boisterousness (is that a word?) of boys than the mood swings of the girls. LOL You sound like a great boy mama - lots of fun active learning going on at your house.

    1. I always wanted girls... until we had a few in our family and I saw the lovely mood swings and attitudes and girl drama and I thought.. Yep, I'm happy with my boys. I'm sure I'd love them either way but I am quite happy with my crazy, loud, boisterous boys.

  8. I just can not agree with this enough!!! B is for Boisterous!! With 5 boys of my own, boisterous is present all the time;)

  9. I have three boys at home now, too. I totally get it! I wish I had a fraction of the energy of one of those kids.

    1. I know; it seems to unfair not to have enough to keep up with them.

  10. Can we have a bit of their energy...?? Thanks so much for linking up at #familyfriday we appreciate it! We hope you come back next week.


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