Homeschooling Through the Alphabet: Q is for Quicker

With only three children at home to homeschool our school day goes by much quicker than that of a traditional brick and mortar school.

Through the years we have taken quite the advantage of that.

A few times I felt like perhaps I was doing a disservice to my boys.  I often thought that there was something wrong with our homeschooling approach. I often added more work to our day just to try and fill it up a bit more.

Thankfully I quickly came to my senses and even though I may think  I'm not doing enough now that my boys are in middle school; I know we are.

Just because our school work is over with much quicker than traditional schools does not mean that my boys aren't learning long after the books are put away.

Finishing up our work quickly means we have tons of free time after our school day ends to fill up our days with nature walks and hikes, playing games, arts and crafts projects, and just about anything we'd like!

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  1. So true! We've homeschooled through high school for this very reason!

    1. My oldest looked into going to high school and that's what we decided too; he'd spend an awful lot of time in a classroom and doing homework at the end of the day that he could otherwise be spending on his craft.

  2. Yes, this is a great benefit to homeschooling! I can't imagine my kids being in school all day and then having homework and study time in the evening.

    1. I know; no wonder kids are so tired and stressed; there's not time to play and do fun stuff!

  3. Oh - I often wonder if we are doing enough when a day is flown through. Then, as you mentioned, I remember all the learning that goes on after the books are put away. Homeschooling is awesome in that regard.


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