Cheesy Grilled Potatoes; An Easy Summer Side Dish

We're always looking for easy side dishes we can cook up on the grill to go along with the chicken or steak we're making for dinner.  A few years ago I found a new family favorite-- grilled cheesy potatoes!

They are easy to prepare, taste amazing, and just have to sit on the burner while the rest of the food cooks.

We learned the hard way that potatoes can take forever to cook on the grill and we were often left trying to keep the meat warm while waiting for the potatoes to soften up.  Now to speed up the process we start by microwaving the potatoes enough that they are already fairly soft when we begin cooking them.


Potatoes; one per person.  We like to use red skinned or yellow potatoes.  You want a potato with a nice thin
Butter; about a 1/2 stick for 4-5 potatoes
Shredded cheese; we usually stick to cheddar.  The amount you'll need varies on the number of potatoes you cook but we typically use a  cup for 4-5 potatoes.

Step 1: We wash the potatoes thoroughly since we're eating the skins and then pierce them a few times with a fork before placing them in the microwave for a few minutes.  Our microwave sensor cooks our potatoes on it's own cycle so I can't give you an exact time but you want the potatoes pretty close to fork tender.

Step 2:  I lay two pieces of tin foil to make a large cross on the counter and place all the potatoes in the center.  I slice the potatoes most of the way through and even cut them lengthwise.

Step 3: I cut up the butter and leave little slices/ cubes between different slices of the potato.

Step 4:  I sprinkle the potatoes with cheddar cheese and then roll up the foil.  Sealing the potatoes inside.

Step 5:  We put the potatoes on the back burner of the grill on low or medium heat making sure not to burn the bottom.  In 15- 20 minutes when the meat is all done cooking we have nice hot, cheesy potatoes loaded with grilled flavor.


We've also added sauteed onions and mushrooms to them at times and, I think, that makes it even better!  I could also see these being just divine with some bacon crumbles on them.

We use a spoon to serve up the potatoes and everyone is always asking for more.

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  1. These sound so good! What a great side dish -I love the thoughts of onions and mushrooms added.

    1. That is my favorite way to prepare them but not surprisingly my kids don't like them that way.

  2. These look easy and really good. Hubs is a typical grill man meaning I don't have to cook. I will show this recipe to him. He will love it.

    1. There you go! I love when I can a find a meal that is almost solely for the grill because it does me most of the night off.... as long as my husband is home he prefers to man the grill.

  3. Looks delicious - and perfect for when you're cooking out!

    1. It's great for the heat of the summer too when I don't want to turn on the oven and heat the whole house.


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