The Week We Had Our Geography Fair

We had a pretty quiet week this week.  We did get out for a fun park day and our homeschool geography fair.  We had several sunny days this week and spent lots of time riding our bikes.  The two younger boys had outgrown their old bikes and got new ones so they were quite to content to ride them a lot!

Math: We played a few rounds of The Clumsy Thief.  The boys all worked on four or five more pages in their math workbooks.  Ian and Alec completed the next two pages in Are You a Math Genius?  And all three boys completed the next two pages in Multiplication Games. Evan played playing Mathman Junior; Just like Pacman but with math facts.  Alec and Evan battle Yu Gi Oh cards and I had no idea how much math was involved!  They had to add up all the stars for each card they had and then see who had the higher score.  The boys went shopping and checked out individually.  Alex spent a day working to make a marble roller coaster maze in our living room.  He had a great time problem solving how to get the marble to stay on the maze and end where the track ended.

His completed track wen around the entire living room!

Cross Curricula: We played a game of Trivia Crack using our board game and Alec continued playing his Kindle version as well. He also spent a day on the couch where he was feeling a bit under the weather filling out several pages in his Pokemon themed activity book; working on cross word puzzles, word searches, sudoku puzzles, and ciphers.

Reading: Evan read Humprhey's Really Wheely Racing Day; just a half chapter or so each day and finished it up.  He re- read Pandas too.  Ian read Treasure Hunters book 3.  Alec spent one day buried in his Pokemon guide book and started reading Atlantis Rising, he also read

 Language Arts: Alec played Words with Friends each day this week; keeping up with all of his games. The older two boys completed a page in each of their cursive books while Evan worked on four more pages in his Star Wars Reading book learning about nouns, adverbs, and adjectives. Alec and Evan played a memory game where they had to match the beginning word chunk with the rest of the word.  It was great practice on sounds for Evan and they had fun playing together.

Evan matching up his words and counting his pairs

Spelling: The boys all completed another page in all of their Thinking Tree spelling books.

Physical Education: The boys have been working out with my husband learning how to lift weights and which exercises work which muscles.  They combine the workout with cardio and even though they mainly work with 2 and 5 pound weights they're having fun getting in shape and building skills.

Alec and Evan got new bicycles and we spent the weekend riding; teaching Alec how to use the different gears and hand brakes. We went for a family bike ride one sunny afternoon.

Poor Evan is the only one without multiple speeds
on his bike and it's hard for him to keep up.

We spent another sunny afternoon at the park playing with friends.  The younger two boys were running, swinging, climbing and having a great time.

Geography: Alec played Stack the States on his Kindle and surprised me with his knowledge of facts.  We also attended our homeschool geography fair and spent a day learning all sorts of wonderful geography and history facts.  You can read all about it here.

Science: Ian read Max Goes to Mars and Alec read Dive into the Lake.  Learning more about the planet Mars and all the various forms of life in and around a lake.

Life Skills: The boys have each been cooking a meal one night this week.  They also had to bake up some snacks and goodies to go along with the region they were presenting at their geography fair. The older two boys spent the weekend working; Ian went to work with his grandfather while Alec went to work with my husband.  All three boys spent the week helping me clean house.

Socialization:  My sister and nephews came to visit one day this week and the boys had fun playing with their cousins.  We went to the park to play with friends, met up with fellow homeschoolers at our geography fair and the boys interacted with everyone; adults and kids alike when they were answering questions about their topics. We also had several visits to a variety of stores and the library

Art:  Alec spent some time drawing this week. He made up his own world with his own animals; even labeling them and making up stories about them.

It was a great week!  We had lots of fun.


  1. How cool to be able to go to a fair and show what they have learned! I wish my sons enjoyed riding their bikes more. It looks like you all had an awesome week! Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week :)

    1. My youngest just started riding his bike at the middle of last summer; before that he had no interest and I had begun to think he never would. We now try to go riding for 20- 30 minutes once a week; it's a fun way to get some exercise together and I'm slowly teaching them the rules of the road as we ride. Mid week is nice since there's not as much traffic around. It was a very nice, laid back week.


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