Our Geography &History Fair

We had such a great time at our homeschool geography fair yesterday.

Once we were all set up the children took turns in groups to wander around and explore each of the tables. Everyone did such a wonderful job with their display boards.  We got to try out lots of yummy snacks too.

We require each person to have some sort of display (but a board is not necessary).  We ask that everyone brings a snack to share, a craft or hands on component and a stamp (or small pictures) for the passports we hand out to all the kids.

Alec's report with eclairs & croissants for snack.  We found
a 3-d Eiffel tower for his craft/ hands on component 

Ian's report with his Anzac Cookies for snack. He made the Sydney Harbor bridge
out of plates and cups and brought materials for everyone to make their own. 

Evan's display included his report, a book on the arctic, and some Jell-o "ice" cubes.
He brought the game Don't Break The Ice for some hands on fun. 

This family put together a wonderful display about World War II;
They had two crafts-- making your own victory garden or a Rosie the
Riveter poster.  They had cupcakes using old recipes and  brought
actual papers and stamps from World War II with them for the kids to see

This little girl wrote all about life in
colonial New England.  She brought cranberries (dried) for snack and showed
everyone how to make some God's Eye woven

This girl learned about life in Mexico during the 1800's.  

Her craft project

This boy learned all about the life of the Pilgrims and Indians living in Plymouth Colony.
He brought corn muffins and coloring pages for all the kids. 

They made their own replica of the burned out canoes that the
Wampanoag Indians used. 

This little boy studied the Civil war.  He had Hardtack (saltine crackers) for
snack and brought a fun crossword for the kids to test their knowledge. 

My boys were quite taken with his battle diplay 

This girl learned all about the Aztecs.  She brought corn tortilla chips and had a fun
craft making a quetzel bird out of paper and toilet paper tubes.  

This girl studied outer space and all it's planets.  She brought munchkins
and a fun (and rather difficult) maze around the planets.  

This boy learned all about Japan.  He brought Asian chocolate
covered biscuits.  He also set up a tablet so the kids could see what
their names would look like in Japanese and some paper and
markers so they could write their names down. 

This boy studied the United States Government.  He brought cookies that were in the shape of the United States
with some white frosting and blue and red sprinkles as both his snack and his hands on component since the kids could decorate their own cookies. 

He made these 3-D replicas to go along with his display.
Evan loved the 3-d Lego White house. 
Alec and Evan making the Mexican mirror


  1. What fun! This is a marvelous idea. The children all did wonderfully!

    1. We have so much fun and look forward to this each year. The kids always do such an amazing job.

  2. That looks like so much fun! I need to suggest this idea to our co-op. The closest thing we've done is monthly international dinners where we all focus on one country. The kids prepared presentations about the country and the adults provided food from the country. Love the geography fair idea, though. :)

    1. It sounds pretty similar; but they are a lot of fun and pretty low- key.

  3. What a great idea! Wonderfully made and presented projects!! Thanks so much for topping by!

    1. Thank you! It's always so neat to see what all the kids pull together.


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