Weekly Wrap Up-- Year #4 Week 29

We had such a great week with lots of fun activities.  We finished up a few math books and we're already looking towards summer and our lightened schedule.  I'm busy planning lots of fun things for us to do together and we're itching for the weather to stay nice and warm so we can pack away our winter gear for good.

Math/ Logic-- All three boys worked on two more pages in their Thinking Tree Multiplication books.  The older two boys also completed two more pages in Are You a Math Genius?  Ian finished off book 2 in the Key to Decimals series and we decided to take a mini break from decimals and go back to book 3 & 4 in the Key to Fractions series so we've been reviewing adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.  Evan finished off his Marvel Hero's second grade math book. Alec worked on some more workbook pages in his math book and we decided to put aside his book and pull out last year's unfinished 5th Grade Math Made Easy book for some "easy" review and end of the year fun.  His 5th/6th grade combination book was just getting too hard and math was ending in frustrated tears every day.  He actually hugged me and thanked me the first day we switched over.  Since he's only 10 he's still ahead and it's worth the review to have a happy boy! All three boys took turns building towers with our Wedgits blocks; they're getting quite elaborate! We spent one morning and one night playing a fun new game called The Clumsy Thief.  We just loved it! It works on pairs that add to 100 and it's lots of fun.

Reading-- Evan read I'm Bored, Just a Toy, and a few more pages in Jedi Academy.  Ian read a few more chapters in Treasure Hunters. Alec read Life as a Viking and Double Fudge.  He also has been reading aloud Gameknight 999 to Evan most nights at bedtime for a half hour before they turn their lights out. We finished listening to Prince Caspian in the car and we're eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.

Writing-- The older two boys wrote a short story about why they enjoy going to Launch Trampoline park and Evan worked on several more pages in his Draw Write Now book; just about finishing up his Polar Regions report. The older two boys also completed another page in their cursive workbooks.  Ian found and completed a few pages on Australian animals in another Draw Write Now book that we have and is planning to use them for his report as well.  They all completed two more pages in all their Thinking Tree Spelling Journals; Fun Schooling Spelling, Spelling Time, The Four Seasons, & 100 Words.

Spelling/ Sight Words-- Evan, Alec and I played sight word Don't Break the Ice.  We also popped the sight words one day.  If you are looking for sight word games I have a whole listing of various games we've played here.

Science-- We dissected some seeds and looked at them under the microscope.  Evan attended a 4-H science class on seeds and plants.  They identified the different parts of the plant and went through various fruits and vegetables figuring out what part of the plant we were eating.  He also got to plant some corn seeds. He was not a happy camper since he had to write while at 4-H and explained to me later that a class on weekends was during his time off and he shouldn't have to do anything "school- like" on the weekends.  We're watering our seeds and watching them begin to sprout. We've noticed that the smaller seeds are germinating first and trying to figure out why that might be.

Life Skills-- Alec spent Saturday at work with my husband cleaning up an old planer and scraping all the rust off of it.  He also helped make a few metal shields for some birthday gifts.  Ian went to work with his grandfather and also helped Alec and my husband make the shields.  The boys and I are back to cleaning one small section of the house each day working together to keep it clean with just 15 minutes a day of work.  Ian has helped my husband work on the planer a few nights spray painting it and getting it ready to be put back together so we can start planing some boards.

Geography-- All three boys worked on their geography fair reports some more.  We picked out hands on projects and snacks for them all.  Alec spent one morning putting together his paper Eiffel Tower and Ian worked on making the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

We followed the instructions from Danya Banya's website

Exercise-- We spent an afternoon at Launch Trampoline park with the boys cousins, we went bowling, and Evan and I went on a bike ride.  Ian and I are back to exercising at least three days a week using the treadmill, elliptical and some videos.  All three boys participated in their karate class this week too.

Family fun and Socialization-- We had two birthday parties over the weekend and had great fun meeting up with friends and family members.  We also made some tie dyed Easter eggs (you can read about how we made them here).  The boys played toys and Legos together so nicely at least a handful of times this week.  It was so nice to see them getting along; if only for short spurts at a time.  My mom came to visit one day and we had slot car race battles.  We had friends over one day this week for a play date too.
It's so unusual to see the older two boys playing toys and even odder still to see them getting along! 

We wrapped our eggs in colored napkins 

Voila! Tie dyed eggs. 
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  1. I love to read your week in reviews! They are so thorough and remind me of all the learning my kids have done each week when I didn't realize.

    1. Thank you! It can be hard to remember everything we cover in a week; I tend to work on my weekly wrap up each day just jotting down what we covered so I don't forget.

  2. What a fun week! My boys love the widgets. Your boys did such good job on their Sydney harbor bridge and Eiffel Tower.

    1. We got the Wedgits at Christmas and they still just love to play with them. I recommend them to everyone! I'll pass on your praises; they'll be thrilled.


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