How to Make Tie Dye Easter Eggs

We try to decorate our Easter eggs a different way each year.  This year we decided to try tie dying them.  We love vibrant colors and interesting patterns.  I'll warn you though, it was messy!

We had such a fun time making tie dyed Easter eggs! 

Supplies needed to make tie dye Easter eggs:
  • White eggs (we hard boiled ours but you could blow them out too)
  • Vinegar
  • White napkins (or paper towels-- one sheet per egg you will be dying)
  • liquid watercolors (or food coloring if you plan on eating them!)
  • Eye droppers
  • something to protect your table

    To make tie dye Easter eggs:
    1. We put down a tablecloth that we use often for art and set out liquid watercolors in little paint cup trays.  We had a cup of water to rinse out our droppers between colors too.  
    2. With our area all set up we wet down the napkins with vinegar until they were damp all over.  The kids then used droppers to drop liquid watercolor onto one napkin. They filled the napkin with colors and even let them combine together in some places. 

      Napkin all filed with color
    3. Once they had their napkin the way they liked it they placed an egg in the center and wrapped the egg in paper towel.  We then set it aside to dry. 
    4. We continued until all 12 eggs were decorated.  Once dry (or nearly dry) we began peeling the napkins off the eggs and uncovered our beautiful designs.  

    Our fingers were quite stained from handing the colored napkins but they quickly cleaned up with some sugar scrubs, soap and water.  

    These were some of the most vibrant Easter eggs we've ever made and we had a great time figuring out how we got some colors like purple when the boys didn't really use any purple.  


    1. Oh great idea!! Were gonna try it this year, Happy Easter! Thanks for linking up!

    2. What a fantastic idea! The kids would LOVE these, although, not sure about the mess. Hum?

      I know you mentioned that you could use food coloring. Do you think it would work as well?

      Thanks so much for this great craft!

    3. I'm pretty sure the website we found this idea on used food coloring... I think if you leave them wrapped up until the napkins/ paper towels dry you will still get pretty coloring. We couldn't wait that long and luckily the really strong colors of the watercolors didn't need as much time.

    4. I love this idea! Definitely an appeal to the older kids who feel too old to dye eggs, but still want in on the action!!

      1. Yeah, Ian was actually the first one to sit down and get started. He thought it was great... of course he also used black paint but whatever.

    5. I LOVE this. Such a good idea. I will definitely be making some of these. Oooh I'm so excited about it haha #familyfun

    6. I LOVE this. Such a good idea. I will definitely be making some of these. Oooh I'm so excited about it haha #familyfun

    7. Those look very pretty. What a great idea. Thank you for sharing this post at the #WednesdayAIMLinkParty. I shared it on social media.

    8. That's a neat way to do it! We'll have to try that next year...Maybe. Idk. My kids are both pretty young and messy. lol We make our tie dye eggs by dying them a solid color first, then put dots of food coloring directly on them, and dip them again. They usually come out pretty cool! We also tried the marbled eggs with shaving cream this year.

      1. We did the marbled shaving cream eggs a few years ago; that was fun-- and super messy! I love the years that it warms up enough for us to dye eggs outside because no matter my boys' ages they're still messy!

    9. How fun! I love how all your Easter eggs turned out. Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!

    10. This is a really cool idea! I saw tie died wet wipes the other day but eggs is even more fun! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    11. Replies
      1. It was a lot of fun and I loved how vibrant the colors turned out.

    12. How pretty they turned out. Love decorating eggs! Thanks so much for linking up with me at #AThemedLinkup 14 for Spring Crafts and Decor, open March 29 to April 10. All entries shared on social media if share buttons installed.

      1. I really love decorating eggs too. We weren't going to bother this year since my boys feel they are to old for that but I'm starting to think at least it would give us something to do.


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