May the 4th Be With You!

I had not thought at all of "Star Wars day" or May the 4th when I began planning our Star Wars Unit but as soon as I became aware of it I thought that would be the perfect day to start our new unit!

For the month of May we'll be throwing in what I hope are some fun Star Wars activities and games for learning.

Evan has completed all the Star Wars math workbooks and was feeling pretty bummed that they don't have any more for him to choose from.  I told him that we could do a Star Wars month when we were done with our Harry Potter unit.

I went searching on-line and found many printables and activity ideas.  I printed off some work for the older boys too in case they want to participate but they always know they can work in their own books instead (here is a link to my Star Wars board on Pinterest).

So to start our unit (mostly focusing on Activities for Evan):

Day #1:

I hid 40 Star Wars sight word cards around the house and Evan went on a word hunt this morning.

As Evan found each word he'd read them off to me.  Most of these were review words and fairly easy for him to read but I knew it would be fun and good practice all the same.  I found most of the Star Wars papers we'll be using at 3

As Evan found the sight words hidden throughout the house we put them into piles of 5 and counted by 5 repeatedly to see if we had found all forty of them.

Hunt for the sight word

"I found one!"
 While Evan was off hunting Alec settled right in to work on his math.  I had a bingo dot marker Star Wars multiplication page set out for him.  He used the markers to find his path through the maze of multiplication facts marking the ones with products of 24.

This too was a quick, easy review and he had fun playing with the colors of the markers and thought it was easy.  He then went on to work on a page in his workbook adding decimals.

Ian completed the same multiplication bingo marker page and them started on The Key to Measurement book 3  and completed one page on surface area.

Evan had two papers for math today.  The first Star Wars page had all the numbers written by 5's from 5-100 and he used the bingo dot markers and marked them off in order as he called them out loud.  His second page asked him to fill in the missing numbers and had several different number lines working with numbers from 1-110.  He did amazing!

We had fun generating our very own Star Wars names.

We used George Lucas' formula.  The boys were giggling over their names.   Using the formula, all their names were pretty similar but they didn't mind.

There are also a few automatic Star Wars name generator games on the internet but I really wanted to get them writing-- if only a few words.  They then spent the rest of the morning using these made up names to talk to one another.

Just for Fun!  Light Saber Training: 
As we headed out I told the boys I had planned for some light saber trainer if they wanted to participate.

I blew up some balloons and told them they had to try and keep the balloons off the ground using their light sabers.

The younger boys decided to use their wands instead and cast magic spells to keep the balloons in the air for them.

They held contests to see who could hold the balloons in the air the longest.

Saber practice 

"Wingardium Leviosa"


Star Wars Food:
We ate lunch outside.

I made Star Wars Macaroni and Cheese for the boys and they asked if I could make chicken nuggets to go with it.

Write like Yoda
Star Wars Art Projects & Activities

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  1. Great Post! I love how you used their interests! That's when learning is the most fun :-)

    1. So true! (Sorry I never responded sooner; I didn't see this comment!).


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