Write Like Yoda & Other fun Star Wars Activities

In continuing with our Star Wars unit; I had no idea my kids would find it so fun to write like Yoda!

I'm not even sure where I stumbled upon the idea but I know my kids like to talk Yoda so for Friday's writing assignment I asked them each to come up with one sentence and turn it around to sound like something Yoda would say.

Evan had a really hard time coming up with an idea so I asked him to think of a sentence that would describe Yoda.  I then helped him turn it around and offered to write the sentence down for him to copy (he refuses to sound out words yet because he might get them wrong).

Need some ideas on how to write like Yoda? Try these:

  • Short and green Yoda Is... hmmm..
  • Not hard to do, writing like Yoda... hmmm
  • Get into trouble Han and Chewy do... hmm...  

More Star Wars work for Lower Elementary School: 
 Evan was the first one done school.  He sat and went through all his work in one shot and he was finished in under 20 minutes!

Besides the writing page he also worked on two math pages.  He rolled the character dice and graphed his rolls.  We were only going to do 20 rolls but he was having the characters battle to see who would win so he kept going until someone reached 10.

He then filled out the second page answering questions based on his graph.  He had a lot of fun with it!  He read two stories in Dick and Jane and decided that rather than play a game with his sight words he'd complete another page in his Star Wars reading book.  So we worked together to complete a page on hard and soft c.

He had so much fun with this!  

coloring the hard and soft c words 
Star Wars Work for Upper Elementary:
 Ian sat down at the table when Evan was done and he finished up his schoolwork next.  Besides his Yoda writing page he completed two pages in his math workbook on area and then used the bingo markers and our dice to complete a Star Wars multiplication page.  We then read a chapter of Catching Fire together taking turns reading

Alec cranked out a Yoda writing page in no time and then settled down to work on his Star Wars multiplication page.  All three boys love working with the bingo dot markers; it's funny, the little things that motivate them.

With school over with for today we turned to self- guided learning.

By the time Alec was finishing up the other two boys were begging to go outside and swim.  It was surprisingly warm out yesterday and even though it was before lunch I agreed to let them swim for an hour.  They had a great time and even got Alec to come out and play when Evan went to let Alec know that he had found another baby turtle.      

Here's our new turtle Houdini 

Alec and Evan spent the rest of the time until lunch building the turtle a habitat on the beach, coming up with another name for this turtle, and making sure he always had water to swim in.  Evan tried his hand at catching some fish with Ian's net too but he was pretty unsuccessful.

Ian and Evan both had fun standing apart from one another making waves we all watched what happened when the waves met and collided with one another.  They all had fun watching the ripples move ever outward until they disappeared and then decided to see which made better waves; fists or open hands.

They had fun and all decided that once they made their lunches they were going to eat outside on the patio.  Alec and Evan wanted to keep an eye on their turtle and Ian just wanted to stay out in the fresh air.

Making a home for him 

trying to catch fish and swimming in the water 

Keeping Houdini wet and in the shade 

Working on his splashing; trying to make the biggest waves 

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