Halloween Half day

Halloween is not my favorite holiday; I think I could even go so far as to say it's my least favorite.

I hadn't planned on doing anything special today but after just a few short hours of waking up I realized I was going to need to try and make our day extra fun.  The boys were in rare form with extra fighting, extra energy, and lots of excitement.

We finally settled down to work and Ian typed up the rest of his report on the computer while Alec wrote up another 4 or 5 river otter facts.  Evan and I worked on reading and sight words since the two older boys were occupied.

I pulled up all the post it note sight words we used on our hopping trail yesterday and adhered them to our wall.  Evan grabbed a few of his Nerf guns and we played around with his sight words.

First  he just tried to hit the words and would read whatever word his bullet hit the closest to.  As he tired of that game I started calling out words for him to find and try to aim at with his gun & bullets.  It was fun!

Evan and I settled down to read another elephant and piggie book.  Today we read Watch Me Throw the Ball.   This book had lots of new and rather long words but we still had lots of fun with it.

This was about the time I realized that we needed something extra fun to make it through our day.  I sent all the boys to their rooms (to stop the fighting and bickering) while I scoured the internet for some fun Halloween themed things to do.

I told them they could put on their costumes if they wanted and we'd finish up school while wearing them.

We made mummy dogs for lunch, read Harry Potter, filled in some fun Halloween mad libs and the older boys worked on a Halloween scrambled word worksheet.  I considered that English for the day.


Alec and Ian worked on a maze where they had to navigate their way through using multiples of 5, 6, & 7.

While they were busy working, Evan and I played a game.  It was a version of bump that required us to add the two dice together that we rolled and then subtract the number from 13 (so we got addition and subtraction practice in!).

It was fun but after 20 minutes or so Evan declared it a draw and asked to clean up.

The older boys didn't love their worksheets but they were fighting way to much today to try and have them play a game together and I just can't play with each of them individually.  They did agree that the sheets that they used today were more fun than traditional schoolwork so I guess it wasn't bad for pulling something together mid-day!


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