Parks and Paintings

Knowing Ian was not heading to camp today made for a slightly more relaxed morning.  The boys knew Alec was going back to the art studio to paint another picture today and they were all great about getting up and getting ready very quickly.

Not having to leave the house all that early though, left them plenty of time to play Lego Harry Potter.  We also all sat and read a chapter in The Goblet Of Fire.  Ian tired of  the Harry Potter game rather quickly and decided to play Words With Friends and then work on his Minecraft world on the Kindle. 

Once we dropped Alec off we headed to a nearby park we had spotted the day before on our way to the zoo and the boys played.  It was hot and sunny but luckily there was a nice breeze around.  The boys had so much fun playing on the playground and met another family with three boys ages 3, 6, & 8 and they happily played together talking all about Pok√©mon.   We reluctantly said goodbye when it was time to go pick up Alec.

Alec made another bird masterpiece today-- a bluebird in a dogwood tree!  Alec was particularly proud of the fact that he was finished his painting BEFORE class time ended. He struggles with time management and was the last one to leave yesterday so I understood why he was so proud of that fact.

We just about finished our Percy Jackson book on CD so we stopped by the library on the way home and picked up the next book in the series.  We had a few books to drop off and Ian found a book or two he wanted to check out while we were there.  He ended up reading Hot Rod Hamster: Monster Truck Mania! on the way home.  The boys played around the house for a bit and Ian rearranged and cleaned his room.  He's trying very hard to get everything organized. 
We headed out for another night of karate & board breaking fun.  Since Evan was the only one who had class Alec brought his book with him and finished reading The Secret Zoo book 2.  Ian worked on the kindle and his Minecraft game for most of the class but often watched what was going on.

Evan was excited that he was able to break the board with his foot this time.  The class was actually pretty small so they were able to get a lot done in a short amount of time.
After karate we headed to my mother in laws cottage for dinner and the boys had fun swimming, checking on the baby & mama bird (that is in a nest near the house), playing cards, riding the jet ski and making up games of their own.

Alec is really getting obsessed with card games and played 5 hands of Uno, a round of rummy, and a few games of spider solitaire on his grandmother's computer.

My mother in law was trying to clean up some of the brush around the lake and Ian helped trim the branches smaller using some clippers.  He also helped her trek most of the branches up from the beach and piled them all near the fireplace.



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