Artists and Audubon Centers

I had to wake all my boys up at 8:00 yesterday morning.  I understood that they wanted to sleep in, it has been torture for me to try and get out of bed early during summer as well, but with Alec's last art class we had to be out of the house on time.  He has been having such a great time paintings birds all week.

They all ate breakfast at the same time and I took that moment of us all sitting around the table to pull out our Harry Potter book and read another chapter.  I could have been doing dishes or laundry but decided all that other stuff could wait.  We happily laughed together over the antics of the characters in the story and talked about our upcoming day.

We all piled into the car and listened to Percy Jackson on the way to the art studio.  Once we dropped Alec off we listened to the radio and made our way to a nearby Audubon sanctuary called Stony Brook.

We heard a lot of birds but only saw a few--

  • a couple red- winged black birds
  • a few robins
  • a wren
  • Canadian geese
We also saw turtles, squirrels, chipmunks, and a frog too.  There were lots of pretty flowers, nice benches to sit on and a small little waterfall too.

It was a beautiful piece of property with nice paths and boardwalks for easy walking-- but we easily saw everything in the hour we were there.

 We ate our lunches while we walked and talked and pointed things out to one another.  Ian was our official map reader and led the way showing me where we were on the map every time we stopped.  It was a nice, quiet, fun- filled way to spend our morning without anyone complaining about walking.

I have just loved these last few days of studying nature and it's made me realize how much I've missed that lately. 

These two geese were in a feathered nest

The other geese were sleeping in the pond

Lots of water lilies all around

A red- winged black bird and some turtles

A few more turtles

We just thought these "spiky" flowers were so unusual

We saw a lot of different dragonflies in all colors of the rainbow

Ian reading the map and pointing to where we are

We heard lots of frogs but it took us almost until the end before we saw one!

Unusual red moss on a fallen tree

A little waterfall

We made it back to pick Alec up with just a few minutes to spare.  They made a male and female cardinal painting.  The art teacher warned us that all the kids may have had a bit of paint on them as there were some messy techniques involved in making their pictures.  They used credit cards to slide the paint around and make their trees & they had so much fun on their last day of class.  Something tells me this won't be the last we've seen of Artworks. 


  1. Sounds like a fun day. Your neighbor at Literary Musings.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It was such a fun day. We love exploring new nature trails and places.

  2. So much fun! I love walking around in nature studying all the birds and wildflowers too : ) Glad it was a great day!

    1. We do too. My boys don't think they do until we get out there... then they just love seeing all the animals and plants.

  3. Looks like a great trip. We love to bird watch and have several feeders in our back yard. Recently while on a trip to the Velvet Ice Cream Factory a bald eagle glided across the road in front of our car :0)

    1. We've been seeing a resurgence of bald eagles around our area. They are so amazing to see!


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