Weekly Wrap Up: The Week We Played with the Slip and Slide

I have some favorite photos from our week that I was just dying to share on the blog:  not that they are the best photos in the world or anything but because they remind me of all the times we're learning when we're really just having fun hanging out. 

When we stopped at the library Wednesday night to see the animal presentation we picked up the next three books in the Secret Zoo series and Alec just hasn't been able to put his book down.  He read the whole time we walked around the grocery store to do our shopping!

Ian was bored the other day and wanted to play with some of his trucks so we mixed up some sparkling cloud dough (8 cups flour, 1 cup baby oil, and lots of glitter) and he sat playing with his trucks for at least an hour.  His obsession is ongoing! He has finished 1/2 of his coloring book already and we're desperately trying to find some construction truck books that he has not yet read.  I typically count the making of the dough as science and he insists his coloring book is art so that's another two subjects down this week. 

Alec found a baby grasshopper the other day and was busying studying it, catching it and watching it.  Evan was eager to help. 

Evan FINALLY got to play with the slip and slide the other day.  He told me he had forgotten how cold the water could be coming out of the hose but he still had so much fun playing. He kept observing and experimenting with what would happen if he stepped on the side of the slip and slide where the water comes out.  The force of his weight would shoot the rest of the water higher into the air and I watched him turn the hose off and on many times playing with the trajectory of the water.


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