Enjoying Simple Spring Days

I love that when I asked my boys where they'd like to go today that they all asked to stay home and play more Wiffle ball.  Spending simple days around the house can be so relaxing; especially when everyone is getting along!

They all headed outside and played on the swing set until I could join them outside.  Ian and I played Wiffle ball alone for awhile since the younger two boys were busy playing Skylanders in the woods.  They used the poster that came with the game as a map and assigned each other roles and attributes.  They joined us eventually and then we all played Wiffle Ball together, though Alec did start working on drawing his own map on the back of the poster.    No one argued over batting order, which bats to use, or anything else the whole time we played.  They all got along great.

Alec drawing his map of Skylanders
We had so much fun and the weather forecast was wrong-- it was a beautiful sunny day.  I even managed to go outside in a tank top and pants today.  Finally some nice warm, sunny weather!

Some of our favorite simple spring days include:

  • Getting outside and spending time in nature
  •  playing together
  • working on an art project
  • listening to stories
  • having a picnic
  • riding bikes
  • lying down in the grass and watching the clouds; telling stories about what we see

We went inside long enough to make lunch and decided to, once again, have a family picnic on the lawn.  I read another chapter in Harry Potter and we stopped for some discussion about the choices Harry and his friends were making.  We watched the helicopter fly overhead, listened to some bullfrogs croaking, watched an inchworm crawling, and just enjoyed being outside.

Once lunch was all cleaned up, the sky clouded over and we unanimously decided to head back inside.

The boys all took turns playing Wii together-- all three of them-- without argument!!  I couldn't believe it.  I had to take a picture; that just never happens! We only have two controllers so there's often a battle about who will sit on the sidelines and then they often start yelling at one another that they're doing it wrong and I end up shutting the whole thing down.  But today they really worked together as a team.  They listened to one another, helped one another and patiently taught Ian how to play.  It was great! 



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