Zoinks! That was fun.

The boys wanted to head to Zoinks fun factory this week and since it was another cold & cloudy day yesterday we decided to seize the day and have some indoor fun.

There were only two other families there so it felt like we just about had the place to ourselves.  We all  had so much fun jumping, playing, chasing each other, throwing and catching balls, using the slide and the rock wall.

It was lots of fun.

The boys were great about including the smaller kids in our play.  We played games with them on the light up floor, showed them how to play "popcorn" on the bouncy pillow (a game the boys once made up-- you sit down cross legged with your hands on your knees and try not to fall over as everyone jumps around you), and broke into two teams to play a fun game with the balls inside the bounce house.

The bounce house is open topped and so the kids and parents in the bounce house tried to get all the balls outside it while the kids and parents outside the bounce house tried to get all the balls inside it; the first team to have everything cleared out for a count of 5 seconds would have won but we always seemed unable to keep either area clear for long enough.
We were all sweaty, out of breath, and having a ball all morning long.

It's so amazing that we get to choose such a fun morning as our gym class!


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