12 Most popular blog posts of all time

I started looking through my blog and realized that I had written an amazing number of blog posts!!   I like looking through my blog and seeing how our homeschooling has changed and fluctuated over time.  I like looking through to see what posts have been popular and try to figure out why.

    I mainly write this blog for myself and to keep those homeschooling fears at bay but sometimes what I write seems to strike others; yippee! 

     After looking through these various posts I'm not sure why they are some of my most popular blog posts.  Perhaps the pictures are engaging and grab interest on Pinterest.  Perhaps my blog is appealing to a wider demographic than I thought.  Perhaps it's just blogger messing with my page views and it's all a bunch of hooey.  Who knows?!  But in case you've missed them here are some of my most popular posts (in order of popularity):

1.  Holiday Baking and Crafts: we had fun with reading, writing, math, holiday crafts, baking and even some sensory science in this blog post.

2.  Model Making, Flubber, and Slime: this one is pretty self- explanatory-- we had a fun day assembling modeling kits, making flubber and making slime.

3.  Science fair Day: I find most of my "science" posts gets lots of page views.  We're not afraid to experiment and get messy!

4.  Thanksgiving crafts: seems that any crafting posts are also popular!

   5.  Grinch Day:  I'm not sure what made this post stand out the most against all the other Christmas movie/ craft days I planned this past winter, but it sure did.

 6.  Mr. Popper's Penguins : A whole day of fun themed around the movie Mr. Popper's Penguins.

7.  Explosive fun:  Like I said earlier--- science posts are popular.  I have to admit; this day is one of my favorite memories with the boys.  We had so much fun!  

8.  Ice Cream for Dinner: Need I say more??  It's ice cream; homemade!!  

9.  A Dozen of our Favorite Science Activities:  My kids still talk about all of these science experiments-- freezing bubbles, the skewered bag of "blood", volcanoes, making ice cream in a bag, etc.  Many of these experiments have taken place over and over again here.

10.  My Favorite 10 Quotes about Play:  I was kind of surprised that a post about other's quotes would be so popular-- I love this post though because it reminds me that even when the kids are playing they're making meaningful connections and learning a lot!

11.  10 Math Games and Hands on Learning Opportunities:  I think, much like my science posts, any time I post math games I seem to get lots of page views.  I'm so glad I'm not the only one who dreads having my kids work on workbook pages for math.  


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