History in the making

It so easy to teach history when it's happening to your children and that's what it's like at our house today.  The blizzard of 2013 is definitely history in the making and something my kids are not likely to ever forget.  With over 2 feet of snow (and really we probably have more like over 3 feet!) the kids have watched in awe as we've shoveled, plowed, and climbed ourselves out of the snow.

 They've helped shovel, tried walking in and climbing on all the piles.  We've watched the news and have talked about how ALL the roads are closed for today.  Plow trucks got stuck and just couldn't keep up with all the snow that was falling all night.  White out conditions prevailed.   We've walked around our house and spotted bare spots where the wind blew all the snow away and yet right next to it is a huge snow drift.

Yep, we really do have THAT much snow!

 We've had hot cocoa and fires going in both the wood stove and the fire place to help keep the house toasty and continually dry all those wet clothes.  We've talked about the importance of keeping warm and trying to stay dry as best we can.

 But mostly, we're having fun saying "wow, look at that!" as we see something buried in the snow we hadn't yet noticed.  It's hard not to be in awe of the power of mother nature when snow is piled up to the windows! 


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