Keeping Kids Occupied on Cold Winter Days

 I woke with a raging headache and laid in bed watching the snow falling and piling up.  I knew all the local schools had a snow day and I thought that sounded just great.

I quickly realized without turning on screens, the kids would be turning to me every 5-10 minutes for ideas on what to do so I turned to Pinterest and found some great activities to keep us busy today.

These are the ideas I came up with:

1.  Play in the snow-- we made some great snow castles with all our sand toys.

snow castles 

2.  Cook a nice big breakfast-- we made choc. chip pancakes and scrambled eggs,  Yummy!

3.  Abstract painting with finger paints on real canvas (Michael's had their 2 packs of canvas for 7.99 and they were buy one get one free so I got 4 for $8!)

4.  Making a town on a dollar store shower curtain

5.  Break out the craft and activity kits they got for Christmas

6.  Make Fake Snow dough, a differnt type of senenory dough, or bring in trays of snow from outside.

Trying out the ice cream dough

I ended up adding more corn starch so it wasn't so sticky and was more like regular dough

7.  Make snow Ice cream--  since they'll def. want to eat the ice cream dough and they can't. 

8.  Make Sharpie/ tie dye t-shirts.

9.  Make a blanket fort

10.  Eat lunch or dinner in the fort and listen to some books on Cd. 

I guess I needn't have worried.  They had a fun filled snow day playing outside all day long; even fighting with me about coming in for lunch.  They were soaked and I wanted them to at least dry off even if they didn't want to eat but it was a battle.   I was happy that for once they were arguing to stay outside instead of arguing to go outside.   As soon as they dried off they went right back out!

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  1. Oh my word I have just followed your link to find out about snow ice cream and I can't tell you how excited I am about it! It's such a brilliant idea! My kids would love it. Sounds like they had a great snow day and you have loads of ideas ready for the next one too! Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x

    1. Thanks! I tried some of the snow ice cream and it was pretty good.

  2. Where were you when my kids were small? These are some great ideas. Thank you for sharing at #WonderfulWednesday! Make sure to do something nice for yourself this week!


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