Highlights and Happenings in March; One Sentence a Day

 March was such a rainy month and while it started out pretty warm and mild it was really cold and windy by the end.  All that means we spent a large portion of our month inside wishing for nicer weather; however we got great about dropping everything and heading outside whenever it did seem nice. 

1. Gym with my mom, school with Evan, and then he offered to go grocery shopping with me before lunch. In the afternoon Evan had a friend over and I worked on the blog.

2. Evan and I started our day in the kitchen; me making up some homemade granola and him making some homemade BBQ sauce. Then I worked on some Easter cards until it was time to head to my sister in law's art show at a gallery in Rhode Island; it poured all night. 

He made a vinegar based BBQ sauce

I'm still dreaming of this farmer's market deep dish from Pizzeria Uno; they ran out of crust and made mine fresh-- it was well worth the wait.

3. It was 60 and sunny so Evan, Ian, and I headed out for a nice long hour long hike. 

4. Gym with my mom, school with Evan, we went walking on the river trail and then I spent my afternoon paying bills/balancing the checkbook and cleaning house. I never even changed out of my gym clothes knowing we'd be walking and then I'd be cleaning.

5. A rainy day spent at home working on cleaning the entire upstairs after finishing up school with Evan.

6. Gym with my mom, school with Evan, a hike at Pulaski park (before the rains came), then in the evening Alec and I had to go to his mandatory spring sports meeting.

7. I got out to do groceries first thing (in the rain), then school with Evan, a hike in the drizzly rain through a really wet/muddy trail and then a quiet afternoon at home.

The trails were flooded in sections

I can't remember the last time I had a grilled cheese but this really hit the spot!

8. Friday I went to the gym with my mom, did just 2 subjects with Evan, and then we headed out to meet our hiking group for a nice long hike in the sun!

Trails were still flooded in spots

9. Another rainy day, I spent my day working on cards and scrapbook pages.

I am loving this new stamp set with these pretty balloons! 

10. I started my day in the kitchen cutting up lots of veggies to roast then swung by the grocery store with my husband to buy more fruit before settling in my craftroom and finishing off lots of scrapbook pages I had started the previous day. 

I put a bunch of double page spreads together from our cruise

11. Gym with my mom, school with Evan, then he and I went to the library, the post office, Old Navy and Famous Footwear; outfitting him completely for spring/summer. I spent my afternoon making some sympathy cards after learning from my mother at the gym that my uncle passed away (we knew he had stopped all cancer treatments a little bit ago and that it was only a matter of time).

I was so glad I had purchased this new stamp set for sympathy cards

12. After school with Evan I worked for a bit on scrapbooking and then Evan and I headed out hiking; we waited until after lunch when it was a bit warmer and sunnier out. 

13. Gym with my mom, school with Evan, a bit of scrapbooking and then I spent Alec's 1/2 day afternoon setting him up for adulthood- we opened his checking account, filed his taxes, got his college deposit paid, etc. 

14. Evan and I decided to do another shortened day of lessons and headed out hiking at Moore state park; it was beautiful out! Then my mom, Ian, Evan and I went out to lunch-- it was delicious and it was near 70 degrees by the time we got home. 

I wore my flip flops all day (well, not while hiking but the rest of the day).

There were zero veggie options on the menu so I got a chicken Caesar Wrap with sweet potato fries

15. Alec, my husband, and I headed off to Alec's accepted student day at Johnson and Wales University-- It was so much fun (even if it was cloudy and cold and windy).

16.  I started my day grocery shopping then worked on some final scrapbook pages and headed out on a hike with Evan.

17. I spent a quiet day at home reading and prepping food. In the afternoon Evan got us out on another hike. 

18. Gym with my mom, school with Evan, then I spent the rest of my morning cleaning through all the kitchen cabinets and rearranging lots of things.  

No before photos but I love how organized these spaces are now!

19. I spent my morning helping Evan with schooling and then my afternoon sitting with Ian and his advisor (online) trying to get his college account squared away (our state community colleges all banned together into one large system over the summer and everything is all messed up but Ian is on track to graduate this December-- IF the classes he needs are offered this year!-- and we needed to get so much fixed that we hadn't even been aware of). What we thought was going to be a 15 minute appointment turned into 2 hours of work.

20. Gym with my mom, school with Evan, then I had a haircut in the middle of the day. 

21. I started the day at the grocery store and then after school with Evan I made a salad, cut up veggies for dinner, prepped our fruit for the first 1/2 of the week and made a banana bread for my boys with bananas that were going bad. 

22. Gym with my mom then I spent my morning finishing up my books and working on the blog while waiting for Alec to get home from breakfast with his friends. We had big plans for his day off-- we got his binder put together for his SCAP presentation, he wrote his wrap-up paper, then we got his college accounts set up, took his photo for his college student ID, signed him up for Freshman orientation, got his placement tests scheduled, and started his roommate questionnaire.  Evan and I signed Evan up to take a college course or two at our local community college while finishing up high school.. it was a busy day!

23. Another cold and rainy day but Evan and I ventured out to quite a few stores looking for a new computer desk for him and he wanted to buy some upgraded computer components. I spent my afternoon curled up on the couch reading a book and decorating just a tiny bit for Easter since we're now hosting Easter dinner this year. 

We got take out from a local pizza place and I tried their broccoli alfredo-- I'm finding plant based/whole foods so difficult when eating our or getting take out!

24. A quiet Sunday spent at home doing laundry and reading. 

25. Gym with my mom, school with Evan, and then I worked on cleaning the house while listening to an audiobook. 

26. After finishing up school with Evan I worked on some more housework and finished my audiobook already when I had to run to Alec's school and pick up the frozen food order selling project from him since he had track practice for a few hours after school. 

27. We woke to drizzly skies and while I went to the gym with my mom and worked on schooling with Evan I didn't have much ambition the rest of the day so I worked on the blog, read some books, paid bills, and just laid around the house most of the day. 

28. I woke to pouring rain and dreaded getting our grocery shopping done so I made sure to get there early and just get it over with then Evan and I worked on his schooling and I cleaned house for a bit before Alec came home from his 1/2 day of school and settled in to take the online placement tests required by his college.

29. Another rainy day but no one had any school so I slept in just a bit before heading to the gym with my mom and finished cleaning the house. 

30. I spent my morning cleaning house, cooking up some food, and watching TV then Evan talked me into a walk after lunch; we stuck to the paved river trial knowing that everything else would be flooded and muddy. 

The river was so high; I'm not sure if you can tell but the trees in the middle of the water used to be on a little island in the middle of the river. 

BUT we started seeing buds on the trees!

31. We spent Easter morning finishing setting up for company, my sister and her family arrived around noon and everyone else came at 1-- we had a delicious meal and lots of fun playing cards. 

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  1. Great month and fun to see some little signs of spring on your hikes!

    1. Thanks! We just saw a heron for the first time this spring yesterday... in the snow!

  2. A very full month! You made the best of it and really got outside a lot, I think!

  3. What a month!! I was thinking the entire time I was reading how jealous my sister would be of all of your hiking :) You had some beautiful pictures. Here’s hoping for sunny April skies for you!!

  4. Great recap of your month! Your outfits are so pretty and spring like. I hope you guys are not getting snow this weekend? I thought I saw a headline that Maine was supposed to get snow (I know you don´t live there but you are in that general north east area). Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! We got a some flurries and ice yesterday but not much and it was all gone by nightfall.. nothing quite like what some parts of Maine got. Thankfully.

  5. What a great month! I feel like March just flew by!

  6. My grandmother made a vinegar based bbq sauce that was out of this world. I bet his is just as good. 💕

  7. Great coffee post. So many lovely pictures.

  8. I love how you get movement in basically every day! That's so impressive!!
    I should drag my mom to the gym!

    1. Thank you! My mom and I love that we both keep each other accountable. I don't think I'd be nearly so good about going if I didn't know she was waiting for me.

  9. The weather here hasn't been great either but it sounds like you still had a good month getting out and about. All of your food looks so good.

  10. March = good food, great hikes, cute outfits...and rain!!:) Have a good weekend!

  11. Joanne,
    Thanks so much for visiting and for your prayers for me and my family as we deal with Joe's health crisis...
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

  12. I love seeing all the beautiful places where you hike. The waterfalls and streams must be so great to see in person.

  13. What a great month! I love all your lovely pics and seeing how you guys are transitioning into spring. Your food always looks so healthy and delicious and I get inspired by the variety of delicious vegetables you add to your meals. I spy edamame beans in your salad. I'm adding them to my shopping list! Have a great weekend!

  14. Great to have this post as your monthly recap.

  15. I'm glad you had a productive March and a lovely Easter with family. Thank you for your weekend coffee share.

  16. All the photos from your hikes and explorations are stunning! Glad you had such a good month with so many good things happening!

  17. So much is happening with your sons this month! Gosh, it seems like you had lots of rain, too! I'm hoping all the rain now keeps the aquifers full this summer. Lots of cute outfits, too!


    1. Thank you. They are certainly keeping me on my toes. We have had lots and lots of rain.. and some mild flooding.

  18. What a nice way to keep up with where a month goes. I haven't taken many pictures lately and need to do better as that helps me blog more. Have a nice week!

    1. Yes, I find more pictures helps me blog more too.

  19. I do love the one sentence a day format ...

  20. So much yummy looking food! The homemade granola sounds good.

  21. your life looks delicious, fun, interesting, and delightfully full, Joanne!

  22. Love your update. That deep dish pizza looks amazing. I always enjoy your hiking photos and you do such a great job on your cards. My mom used to make cards. I love thoe photo of what I'm guessing is an old mill? So cool.

    1. thank you! And yes, we have lots of old mills up here.

  23. Broccoli alfredo sounds good but I may need to blanche the brocolli first otherwise the broccoli flavor would take over. Maybe another alternative is use frozen broccoli?

    1. I have used frozen broccoli before or else I have thrown the broccoli in with the pasta as I'm boiling it.

  24. We spent much of the month of March wishing for better weather, too. The cold and the rain has just kept hanging on and one this year!! So rare for us here in Georgia! It's rainy and chilly here yet again today!

    1. So far I spending April doing the same thing for us too!


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