Welcoming Spring Colors with Ageless Style

It's the third Thursday of the month and time for another ageless style challenge.  This month Bo picked Welcoming Spring Colors as our theme with the idea of using at least one of Pantone's spring colors.

I, once again, struggled a bit to pull together an outfit... mostly because while the calendar may say spring it's still a bit chilly here most days. The day we took these photos it was in the 30's and quite windy so I wanted something warm(ish) which meant reaching for my winter clothes still.

While I have so many of these pretty colors in my spring wardrobe all those clothes are still packed away for at least another few weeks. So I made do.  

For all seasons my wardrobe tends to be heavy on blues, greens, and teals so I gravitated more towards the Capri, Marlin, and Chambray colors. While I certainly don't have the exact tones I do feel that this is a perfect transition outfit from winter to spring.

Warm layers mixed with fun and bright colors that make me think of the ocean. 

I paired my new blouse from Amazon with an old quilted vest and some flare legged jeans.  I added my patterned scarf and gray boots and some pretty sparkly earrings in all shades of blue and green (that my hair pretty much hides completely!). 

The wind was blowing my hair all around but that's okay. I gave up on perfection long ago. 

I love that the vest allows the fun sleeve details to show.

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  1. Oh I love the scarf! Is that Lilly?

    1. I can't remember where I got that scarf but I do know it's not Lily since my first Lily purchases were just this past year after both you and Sarah influenced me! :)

  2. I loved what you pulled together! The layering and contrasts of navy and turquoise is beautiful!


  3. I love looking at those color swatches. Love this color on you!

  4. I love seeing all the gorgeous color swatches❣️Your choice of styling the blues is beautiful and looks terrific as you wait for a warmer spring.


  5. Those colors are evocative of the ocean! So pretty!!

  6. I love your outfit and the colours. The scarf is so pretty.

  7. This is perfect! I love that color and you made it work for your weather!

  8. I love how bright this outfit is and it also totally reminds me of the beach and warmer days. Like you, we have so much snow and cold days still and will for the next couple of month on-off. I pretty much don't put winter stuff away until we are into May. I feel your pain!


    1. Thank you; the colors do remind me of the beach too.

  9. Love that color! All my clothes are so dark, maybe NYC is rubbing off on me haha.

  10. That is such a pretty color! I often wear spring colors with winter clothes till it warms up too!

  11. I love your outfit. Those are definitely your colours!

  12. This shade of blue is such a pretty color on you and love the scarf with it! I'm still wearing winter clothes, I learned some years ago to keep winter clothes in my closet until April. Currently wearing a green cashmere sweater. Not my thickest cashmere so it's perfect for this chilly weather we're having.

    1. Yep, we tend to keep our winter stuff out until May... sometimes even the end of the May!

  13. That shirt is so cute! I think I have a similar, if not the same one in my saved cart.

  14. Joanne, I think you look lovely in these shades of blue! I can't believe how different you look with your hair straight! It's so long that way. Love the sleeves on your blouse, too!


  15. That's one of my favorite reasons for wearing vests is you can still see the fabulous sleeves. I love these colors and they look so good on you.

  16. I love your "spring inspired" winter outfit! It looks great with touches of spring in the colours.

  17. This is such a gorgeous color combo! Love your layering and how this look came together!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  18. Joanne, the turquoise looks amazing on you! And you did manage to give a nod to Spring even if it is still cold in your neck of the woods.

  19. Joanne,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! Love your outfit!! So pretty! I hope you are having a great week!1
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

  20. Hi, Joanne. For 20+ years I did professional photography for family sessions and high school senior session. One of the questions I would repeatedly get, 'what should I wear?'. Once a month I have a palette of clothing showing how to wear color and patterns. The photography got me through my empty nest syndrome. I now enjoy taking pictures with just my phone and of my grand girls.

    Your vest is very pretty and I, too, like how it shows off the shirts sleeves. You look fabulous!
    Take care and best wishes.

  21. Love the colors in this outfit! :)


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