10 on the 10th (A Surprise Sunday Post!)

 Surprise; I pulled together a quick post for this Sunday since it's the 10th of the month and time for Marsha's 10 on the 10th.  This month we're asked to list 10 of our favorite green things... I actually thought this was going to be so easy but it took me longer than I thought to pull this post together.  It was a lot of fun though and I can't wait to see what everyone else came up with. 

1. Trees & grass and plants.

2. Along that same line would be green veggies-- lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, pea pods... the list goes on and on. There are very few green veggies I don't like.

3. Emeralds; I love just about any sparkly jewel really!

4. Ruby throated hummingbirds are a beautiful shade of green.

5. Minty desserts like-- mint swirled cupcakesAndes mint chocolate cookies, mint chocolate chunk cupcakes, chocolate mint poke cake, dark chocolate mint brownies, etc.  Even if they don't always LOOK green. 

6. Money (though truthfully I like what I can buy with money; the actual money itself isn't that pretty or anything).

7. Turtles-- even though the real ones near us do not look at all green (and I'd argue that the green sea turtles aren't really green either). 

Sun turtle we raised

Ian had that pet turtle for a few years and it grew pretty fast

Alec 2017 at the Florida Aquarium (trip recap here)

8. Frogs

Especially these adorable costumed ones!



Evan again with his brothers

But paper ones can be awfully cute too!

And then there was the spring we hatched some frogs from tadpoles (you can read about that here if you're interested)

9. Arts and craft supplies-- like green paper, green paint, green ink, etc. Without which we couldn't imagine painting and crafting. I find green is one of those colors I use a lot with scrapbooking and card making and painting. 

Pour painting on canvas (we did that activity here)

10. Characters-- like Oscar the grouch, Mike Wazowski, Kermit the Frog, the hulk, Tinkerbelle, Shrek, Yoda, the Ninja Turtles, etc. So many of which we've met on trips to Disney, Universal, Sesame Place, 

Alec and Ian with Ariel and that beautiful green fin

For a few years Alec was obsessed with Ariel; but only with her fins not once she was a human

Evan with Buzz and Woody

Ian and the Hulk

You can't tell but Jasmine's outfit is green and my boys were huge fans

Ian and I met Jiminy Cricket 

All 3 boys with Oscar

How about you? What are some of your favorite green things?

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  1. Really enjoyed seeing all the green things you like. I love it when the trees are starting to turn green in the spring.

  2. Love this! It would be hard to think of so many green things you like - I love four leaf clovers. My mom finds them all the time, but I never have!

    1. I have never found one either but definitely remember searching our yard for them as a kid.

  3. What a great post! Emeralds, minty things, green craft supplies, and the most adorable little frogs! Thanks for the reminder, I completely forgot about 10 on the 10th and had to scramble to get a post up.

  4. 10 green things isn't as easy as it looks. Emeralds and Money of course.. lol. Love my broccoli and zucchini as well. And turtles!

  5. 10 of your favourite green things does sound easy but I have just tried to think of 10 of my own and I'm struggling.
    I love minty desserts and come to think of it anything minty.

    1. Right?! I thought it was going to be so simple!

  6. Fun topic - I am planning to do this for tomorrow but I hadn't even checked the topic yet! My first thought was Kermit!

  7. I like pretty much all of these green things, too. Green is my favorite color. 💕

  8. Oh, what a fun list! I love those turtle pictures. Green trees and plants (especially moss and ferns!) are my very favorite green things. Thank you for sharing this post at Will Blog for Comments linkup #29. Hope to see you next week, too.

  9. Hi Joanne, you did well to pull together this post and those Frog costumes are so adorable! I also love the first photo and could see myself sitting there with my book. Thanks for sharing at #WWWhimsy and have a lovely week.

  10. Such a lot of fun green things here Joanne. the mint chocolates, frogs and turtles are loads of fun! Thanks for joining us for Min's #wwwhimsy linkup.

  11. I really thought I'd commented, but I didn't! How odd...maybe, I didn't press publish! I love your frog costume photos! We had a few costumes we'd pass down through all three kids. I didn't think about mint...and, now I'm craving some mint chocolate chip ice cream! These were such good answers, Joanne! Thanks for playing along!


    1. I've had that happen a few times-- sometimes I swear the comments just get lost in the ethernet!

  12. A wonderfully eclectic photo essay of all things green! :) The frog costume is adorable and I love the green artwork!

  13. How fun, Joanne! Who knew there were so many wonderful to photograph green things. I would say plants and trees are my favorite. There are so many delightful shades of green in nature. I also really love when I see a brilliant green bird.

    1. Oh definitely! I rarely think of green birds since we don't see those in the wild up here but they sure are pretty.

  14. I love green grass and plants, all green vegetables, and emeralds (my birth month stone)!


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