Mint Chocolate Chunk Cupcakes

My middle son is still happily experimenting with making cupcakes of all sorts.  We had a memorial for a family member this weekend and while no one was required to bring anything for food Alec really wanted to make cupcakes to share with the family.

We had a bit of debate in the house about which kind he should make.  I really wanted a repeat of these amazing snickerdoodle cupcakes Alec had made a couple of weeks ago but my husband wanted chocolate.

We finally settled on one dozen of each which meant Alec was making two kinds of cupcakes!

Alec followed the recipe found here for his snickerdoodle cupcakes and did not seem all that thrilled with the thought of making chocolate cupcakes.  Alec does not like chocolate; crazy right?!

Well, once I found a bag of these Andes Thin Mint Baking Bits and asked if he thought we should make mint chocolate chunk cupcakes he was thrilled!

Andes Creme De Menthe Baking Chips, 10 oz

He followed a basic chocolate cupcake recipe (we like this one)

Then he added 1 cup of the Andes baking chips!  Once they were mixed in he used the scoop to fill his baking paper liners and baked the cupcakes for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. 

They smelled amazing and while you can not see the mint chips after baking there are little bits of chocolate found throughout the muffin and a nice minty taste.  

He mixed up cream cheese frosting to top them with and sprinkled the remaining Andes mint baking chips on top for some added mint flavor.  

The cupcakes are so moist and there are little chocolate chunks found throughout.  The cream cheese frosting adds a creamy flavor that helps tone down the mint and keep the cupcake feeling cool and refreshing.

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