22 Years and Counting... Some Anniversary Fun

My husband and I will be celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary soon and I have had this post started and saved in my folder for quite some time.  I'm pretty sure I saw (and stole!) these questions from Natasha's blog (here) years ago but I thought they were fun and I love reading these types of blog posts.  I hope you do too!

How'd you meet?  I honestly can not remember meeting my husband; we've been friends since at least middle school. There was a giant group of us both boys and girls that hung out together all the time. 

A lot of the people from "our group" at my senior prom-- We're both the 2nd one in from the left (2nd and 3rd row). 

First date?  Our first date was to the very lake that we live on now.  He took me to his family's cabin and we went on a canoe ride around the lake late in the day. 

How long have you been together? So I just did the math-- it will be 30 years this summer! 

Married or not? Yep, we got married in 2001

Age difference? Just under 3 months (and he loves to remind me I'm older)

Who was interested first? Him (I knew he had a crush on me for years before I really noticed what a sweet and genuine guy he was)

Taller? Him

Who said I love you first? I think it was me... but I really don't remember. 

Most impatient? Me

Most sensitive? Again me. 

Loudest? Neither?... we're both pretty quiet.

Most stubborn?  Me

Falls asleep first? Depends on the night but usually him

Cooks better? Me. 

Better morning person? We're both morning people, but I think I need a bit more time to wake up and feel ready to seize the day.

Better driver? He would say him, but I think I am.  

Most competitive? Me; I think. 

Funniest?  A tie; we both make each other laugh. 

Where do you eat out most as a couple? We tend to try local/small restaurants the most often and try to eat at different places whenever we can. 

Who is more social? Neither one of us is hugely outgoing and it depends on the crowd as to who is more social at what event but overall... me, I think?

Who is a neat freak? ME!

Where was your first kiss? Is it awful that I don't remember it?  I think we were in his bedroom at his mom's house (remember we were just kids; so we often went into each other's bedroom to hang out away from the families so the door would have been open...)

How long did it take to get serious? I guess that depends on your definition of serious but even at 16 or 17 we were pretty sure what we had was something special and different. 

While I went on vacation with his WHOLE entire family to Old Orchard Beach we never vacationed on our own until we were in college

Who's indecisive? Definitely me!  

Who spends more?  While he likes to say I spend the most since I'm always buying all the things (clothing for everyone, groceries, household products, etc) we do agree that he spends more on big things like cars, RZR, TV's, etc.... so I think if we added it up I'd actually spend less. 

Who is the first one to admit they are wrong?  Not me.. but I can't help it that I'm so rarely wrong. 😉

We got engaged in the Pocono mountains

Has more tattoos? Neither of us have any.

Who sings better? Me, I was even in my high school's select chorus. 

Who hogs the remote? That is definitely him and I'm happy to hand it over. 

Did you go to the same high school? No, we were in the same classes in middle school but he went to the local Tech school that Alec is now enrolled in while I went to our town's high school.  But that meant double proms! 

Where is the furthest you have ever travelled?  Together, I'd have to say the furthest we traveled was on our honeymoon to the Caribbean. 

Who drives when you're going somewhere together?  He does; in fact he usually refuses to let me drive! LOL. He says I'm too slow and that while I'm a good driver he'd rather I deal with all the passengers and keeping them happy and quiet but I'm not sure I believe that's his real motivation. 

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  1. Happy anniversary to you and your husband!
    What a fun read! I think I am going to have to borrow these questions for a blog post as my fella have been together 16 years next month. x

  2. FUN! And what great pictures from your past. High school sweathearts turned happily married couple- what more could you ask for?? I know, three great kids ;). Many of my responses to the prompt would be exactly the same as yours.

  3. That was so much fun to read! Are you doing anything special for your anniversary? We'll be celebrating 27 years in October this year, which is so hard to believe! We were such babies when we got married. I loved all of your old pictures!

    1. Yep, we're heading to Acadia this weekend just the two of us!

  4. Happy Happy Anniversary! This was so fun to read!!

  5. Happy anniversary! We've been married just a bit longer than you have.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I love reading posts like this.

  7. Oh this was so much fun! I may have to remember this so I can answer the questions on my anniversary. My oldest just got his first girlfriend... I love that you all met so young!

    1. My middle son just got his first real girlfriend (my oldest hasn't had one yet!) and it's neat to see/hear about.

  8. Happy Anniversary! What an amazing story! We also got married in 2001.

  9. Aww, Happy Anniversary! Our anniversary is Saturday!

  10. Happy anniversary! That's amazing that you've been together for 30 years! My partner and I just celebrated fifteen years as a couple a few weeks ago. I laughed at many of your slightly self-righteous (in a good-natured way) answers. #WWandPics

  11. Happy anniversary! Joanne, I enjoyed reading this fun post about you and your husband.

  12. Happy Anniversary. I absolutely loved this post - very fun and uplifting!

  13. Oh, this was so fun, and congrats. I had to giggle that you are rarely wrong, hahahahahahaha.

  14. This was really fun to read. I chuckled at many of your comments. Happy Anniversary, it sounds like you are well suited to each other.

  15. Happy Anniversary!! What a fun set of questions and memories, and how cute you are in your prom photos! I think your boys sure look like their dad. I hope I remember to use a set of questions like this sometime around our anniversary this summer.

    1. Aw, thanks! I think my boys look an awful lot like their dad too.

  16. Joanne,
    Happy Anniversary!! What a great post!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words!!

  17. That was a fun read and you have so many lovely photos too. Happy Anniversary to both of you!!


  18. Happy Anniversary! I loved reading about you guys. So many beautiful photos too. Thanks for sharing 😊

  19. So sweet. Love all the throw back photos. Happy anniversary!

  20. I love the post and the Question and answer dialog! You are lucky, and best of luck in the future!

  21. That was so lovely to read and view. I picked you in the HS photo! My daughter had similar photos for her Year 10 and Year 12 Formal (what you call Proms). So good to see your post this week for Wednesday’s Words and Pics Link Up on Denyse Whelan Blogs. I look forward to you joining us next week too! Denyse.

  22. This was such a sweet post! I love all of the throwback pictures! Happy almost anniversary to y'all!

  23. What a great exercise and I love your answers. I especially love that you don't really remember first meeting... just that you had at some point and knew each other.

  24. I loved reading these answers, Joanne! Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! We just celebrated the 50th anniversary of our first date!


  25. That is so cool. Happy Anniversary to you two. Very cool.

  26. Happy anniversary to you both. Loved your post

  27. Congratulations, to hear a couple is celebrating 20 plus years now seems to be uncommon. Best wishes for another 20 plus years!!


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