Weigh- In Wednesday: A Look Back at January and Goals for February

I put off writing this post for over a week now because I really wanted some actual scale victories to share as well as all my non-scale victories... but I just don't think that's going to happen.  While I love these weigh in Wednesday posts, I also kind of hate them! LOL.  It's great to be held accountable but it's so frustrating and depressing to keep writing the exact same things week after week.

I felt like I was crushing my Weight Watchers goals in January but the weight just did not budge (it did go down a pound here and there but 2 days later it would go back up a pound or two--- so basically I am exactly where I started weight-wise).  

I had 30 days where I ate in my healthy eating zone that WW encourages us to shoot for.  I tracked everything too-- even rescanning foods I have memorized the points for and dragging out all my measuring cups and spoons for portion control just in case I had been getting sloppy.  

I weigh-in each Thursday and my points/ goals all reset for the week on Friday morning.

Most weeks I had plenty of weeklies left:

  • only 7 for the first week as I way over indulged on NYE
  • I had 32 weeklies left the second week
  • 27 leftover on the 3rd week
  • 48! left on the 4th week
  • 24 left left that last week leading into February

Each week WW sets an activity goal for me of 250 minutes a week and I did really well with that too! Activity adds to the weekly points so that's how some weeks I end up with more weeklies left at the end they then even give me to start with. 

  • 240 minutes the first week
  • 240 minutes the second week
  • 295 minutes the 3rd week
  • 370 minutes the 4th week
  • and the last week leading into February (from Jan. 27-Feb 2nd) I had 247 minutes
I want to say that even though the scale hasn't budged that my clothes feel looser; but they don't.  I have noticed other small non- scale victories this past month.  I am definitely eating healthier foods with lots of lean protein, fibrous vegetables, and fresh fruits.  I am drinking more water.  I am sleeping better most nights and enjoying some very sore muscles (not in the "oh I can't move I over did it" way but in the "oh yeah, I can tell I worked those ab muscles yesterday!" way) after working out most days.   

Quiche and salad for lunch

Fish with 2 vegetable side dishes

BUT while I am not just looking for scale victories, I do find that is what keeps me motivated and therefore I feel like I NEED to make some changes and try to see if I can those numbers to budge.  
  • Stop all snacking after dinner regardless of daily points left.
  • Swap out the carbohydrates at dinner with a second vegetable the majority of the week.
  • eat smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day-- aim for a snack sized meal every 3 hours (I used to do this back before I got married and it worked so well to keep me from overeating).
  • focus more on weight training and a bit less on cardio workouts. 
  • drink a full Yeti of water before each "meal" 
I try to fill my plates with veggies and lean proteins

A Fiber One Wrap with shredded turkey breast, tomato and light mayo (just 3 points!) plus my salad.

I've been trying to swap out my fruit/granola bowl with a smaller serving too. 

*Tuesday update: I weighed in at 163!  I'm so happy to finally see a "new" low number on the scale.  

Now, I just have to keep it up.  My goals for February include reaching my activity goal every week, continuing to eat smaller portions more frequently, aiming for a blue dot day with only 1 or 2 "cheat" days for the whole month. 

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  1. You got this girl- great job! Thanks for sharing your journey :)

  2. I know how you feel! Carrie Underwood did a "Day in the Life" on her stories yesterday and I saw what she eats in a day, basically plant based protein and eggs (but also some wine after her show!), and she has inspired me to pick up some edamame and beans and eat more of that.

    1. I am not a beans girl at all... I don't even much like chili because of the beans and while I eat my crustless quiche often I'm not really a fan of eggs either.

  3. So proud of you for achieving your goals! I know we feel better too when we eat better. Portion control really is the thing isn’t it. Those wraps sound good.

  4. I have that same problem with losing a few pounds and gaining it back a few days later. It's so frustrating!

    1. It really is... but I'm noticing that the weights I'm fluctuating between are slightly lower then the weights I was fluctuating between at the beginning of January so I'm trying to remember "baby steps!"

  5. It must be disheartening to not be losing lots of weight but it's good that you are at least not putting any on. Good luck for February. x

    1. Very true! I could be going up on the scale and I'm so grateful that I'm not.

  6. Great work and slow and steady is the way to go!

  7. It's funny how those numbers motivate us. It's only been these last couple of years that I have been able to give up weighing myself. Since we only eat the good things, it just stays the same.
    You should be so proud of yourself for keeping it up Joanne. It's the best investment ever

  8. Congratulations, Joanne! Your healthy eating will always pay off!


  9. The numbers can be such a mental game!

  10. We recently came back from a Disney Cruise, which meant we ate much more than usual --such good food-- so we also have a low carb, increased salad and vegetable agenda ahead of us for a few months to help us shed the extra pounds we gained. Your meals all look very delicious!

    1. OH yes, I bet the food was amazing! Vacations always seem to derail my healthy eating habits.

  11. Man, it's tough. I dropped 3 kgs in January, but after a week in Sydney & out of routine 1.5 of them were back. Heavy sighs. You're doing the right thing but I'm with you, the numbers mean so much.

  12. Keep it up, Joanne! I enjoy following along with you on your journey!

  13. I love how you're finding other positives. Drinking more water and sleeping well are two HUGE gains in my opinion.

    1. Definitely! I LOVE that I am sleeping so well.


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