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 It's been nearly a year  since I have shared a round up of the new and different recipes we've found around the web that looked too good to pass up.  I like to keep a record of what we've made and make note of any of the changes I might have made while trying out the recipe just to keep for my own personal reference. Thus my new "Recipes We've Been Making" posts have become a way for me to keep track.  

We often find that some of the "new" recipes we try become tried and true family favorites in no time.  

1. I served this lightened up chicken marsala by Sweet Savory & Steph with some weight watchers mashed potatoes and 2 side veggies.  I liked it a LOT but my boys were not fans; too many mushrooms and onions for them. I knew that would probably be the case for them but I just LOVE chicken marsala. 

2. My family loved this chicken tetrazzini in the crock pot that Momfessionals showed on her blog. I subbed out Laughing Cow wedges for the cream cheese and omitted the shredded cheese entirely and everyone raved!  Pretty sure this will be making it into our monthly menu rotation as it was so nice and easy to prepare too. We've made this dish more times than I can count this season! 

3.  My boys gobbled up these crock pot short ribs by Julie's Creative Lifestyle.  Though I completely forgot to snap a picture!  Quick, easy, and so tender this was a perfect recipe. 

4. We tried Huli Huli chicken from Homemade on a weeknight and I just loved how easy and tasty this meal was!  I just did 2 things differently-- we omitted the siracha sauce and I used fresh pineapple with a bit of pineapple juice since that's what I had on hand. I shouldn't have let it cook all day in the crock pot though since we used chicken tenderloins and they were a bit drier since they have a lower fat content than the dark meat chicken the recipe called for. But it was still a very tasty meal. 

5. I really enjoyed the cheesy eggplant penne dish by Karin's Kottage using macaroni in place of the penne.  I say "I" since no one else even wanted to try it!  I kind of figured that would happen since I am the only one that likes eggplant. 

6. My husband and I found a new favorite dish with Comfort Spring Station's Pasta with Rainbow Vegetables.  It was delicious, light feeling and packed with vegetables. 

7. This BLT corn salad was a huge hit!  I used frozen corn (thawed) and pre-cooked bacon making it a very quick and easy side dish to just toss together.

8.  I made this cheesy broccoli & chicken casserole that myself, my husband, and Ian really enjoyed.  It heated up beautifully too. 

9. I wanted to try another summer salad and gave Shay's Peach Caprese Salad a try; it was really tasty! 

10.  Alec made this red, white, and blue swirled cheesecake for our family 4th of July party and while we knew our colors wouldn't be as vibrant, I loved that it cooked up a 13x9 size recipe large enough for sharing with the extended family. He did substitute an Oreo crust for the graham cracker one mentioned in the article and the family gobbled them all up!

11. Getting into the fall mood I just had to try this Apple Cider Donut Cake by Princess Pinky Girl; it was perfect on a crisp late summer/ nearly fall day.  I did use spice cake mix in place of white cake and used both the sugar topping and the cider glaze.  

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  1. Everything looks so amazing and healthy! You always rock it in the kitchen- thanks for sharing!

  2. Apple Cider Donut cake sounds amazing!! I need to try that! I think Brian and the kids would all like it.

    1. Oh it was sooo good! And not that difficult to make either.

  3. That apple cider donut cake?!?!?

  4. You've made a lot of delicious looking dishes Joanne. I am happy your family liked the crock pot short ribs! I too love that it's so easy to make and tastes great with potatoes or rice.

  5. Thank you! I have been on the hunt for some new comfort food recipes..

  6. That was good but next time I'd add the bacon in just before serving it so it's not so cold and chewy.

  7. A BLT corn salad?? Now that's going on my list.

  8. That corn salad looks delicious! I will have to give it a try as well as many of the others! Thanks for sharing!

  9. All of these look good, but that apple cider donut cake? Oh my WORD. I'm going to need to try this soon!

  10. So many yummy looking recipes! The Peach Caprese salad looks especially good to me right now.


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