Sentence a Day-- March 2022

March was such a busy month for us! As our weather warmed up we tried spending more time outside hiking and getting fresh air.  I began to focus on my steps this month and ended up pulling a muscle in my foot by the end of the month so my steps slacked off once again.  

1.  Though it was a cold day Evan and I went for a hike after school and only managed to walk around the dam for 45 minutes before the snow and cold sent us in.  There was a small snow flurry around dinnertime when we were trying to refill out wood racks-- thankfully no added snow accumulation.  (9,181 steps)

2. We woke to a thin layer of ice coating everything which made for a fun morning commute.  The sun was shining and with temps near 40 I really wanted to head out hiking after Evan finished school but the hospital called to say they could fit him in for an MRI so we headed there instead.  (with only my morning weight lifting exercises I managed a measly 3,592 steps).

Our hospital's MRI trailer

3. I set out a short stack of schoolwork for Evan so we could head out for a nice long walk as soon as Ian headed off to class but it was much colder out than I anticipated and we only lasted 45 minutes.  I spent my evening at a mandatory parent/player meeting for Alec. (11,120 steps)

4. Ian, Evan, and I met up with our friends at Purgatory chasm for a quick hike around the chasm (the chasm is always closed down in winter); it was a bit hazardous and icy but we all made it back to the cars without incident.  (5,267 steps)

The ice on the ground made such neat patterns (even if it didn't photograph well)

5. Alec and I had plans to go roller skating after his karate class; he was meeting a few of his friends for an open skate afternoon and since our rink doesn't allow drop offs I decided to skate too. I always forget what a workout that is but I skated for over an hour and half.  (4,279 steps-- clearly my fitness tracker had no idea what to do with roller skating!)

6. I spent my entire morning working on scrapbook pages while doing laundry then in the afternoon my husband and I went shopping at BJ's.  We had my mother in law over for dinner and she brought the makings for ice cream sundaes.  We played cards and watched The Longest Yard.  (4,247 steps)

7. While it was cloudy out with temps in the mid-50's I just knew I had to drag Evan out for a walk.  Most of our snow and ice is melting but the trails aren't clear yet so we picked the airline trails that are nice and flat and walked for over an hour. (11,425 steps)

There are so many clear spots now with just a bit of ice and snow dotted around!

8.  It was such a sunny day that I thought it would be perfect for another walk after school with Evan-- boy was I wrong! It was so cold we turned around after only 8 minutes and it took us another 17 minutes to get back to the car walking against the wind. We were much happier playing Rummikub with my mother in law after lunch.  (8,311 steps)

9. On the way to school we got a call that they'd be dismissing at noon for the impending snowstorm; Ian's college closed for the day too.  Luckily we still managed to make it to Evan's ENT and get the results of the MRI (nothing's changed and we don't ever have to go back unless something new pops up!).  (5,088 steps)

10. As soon as I got home from dropping Alec off at school I grabbed my camera, lenses, and photo ball and headed out for a walk in the snowy woods.  Everything looked so pretty and with temps near 50 predicted for the afternoon I knew the snow wouldn't last long.  By the time we went walking the river trail at 12:30 almost all the snow was gone.  (17,012 steps)

11. Another warm day where Evan, Ian, and I headed out hiking with our hiking group. I then made a few birthday cards and went shopping for some fun birthday gifts. (8,122 steps)

12. Saturday was pretty cold and wet so other than getting Alec to and from karate I spent the bulk of my day in the basement near the woodstove reading my latest book and working on the blog. (3,697 steps)

13. While it was sunny it was quite cold but that didn't stop my husband and I from going grocery shopping and then on a nice 2 hour walk after lunch.  It felt great to stretch out our legs. (16 thousand or maybe even 17 thousand something steps but I forgot to write down the actual #).   

14. I helped Ian with his first tax form ever and then Evan and I finished up his schooling and went for a short walk to the local park.  I felt great after starting my morning with 2 workouts and squeezing in that added walk.  (10,162 steps)

15.  Ian was off helping his grandfather and Alec only had a 1/2 day of school so I shortened up Evan's morning work, making sure we squeezed in a nice long hike before lunch. Alec and I drove around for an hour in the afternoon so he could get some practice. I ended my day with a RZR ride through the woods. (10, 924 steps)

16. We rushed through Evan's schoolwork and hit the trails at Wallum Lake hiking for an hour and twenty minutes; checking out a new trail called Cedar Swamp.  It was beautiful and in the 60's.  (12,191 steps)

17. It was a rainy, cooler day that we spent inside working on school work; though I did manage to get 17 more scrapbooking pages started.  (No step count today as my activity tracker battery died part way through the day).

18. It was amazing on Friday-- in the 70's and sunny and we had plans to meet up with our friends for a hike.  We hadn't seen this mom and son since last JULY and we had the best time hiking and getting caught up. We had a little picnic lunch outside and didn't leave the parking lot until 3:30.  (15,554 steps).

19.  I spent a busy morning in the kitchen making salad, quiche, 2 loaves of banana bread, and getting the pulled pork going for dinner.  After Alec's karate class, I ended up taking a nap and curling up with a book since it was rather cool and rainy out. (3,553 steps)

20. We spent a few hours in the afternoon on a long family hike/walk through the woods and out through a ravine my husband had spotted when we were out walking just us two of us on the 13th.  We ended our weekend with a turkey dinner with my mother in law and a few games of cards. (13,109 steps)

21.  It was such a busy Monday! I got new tires for my car and waited at the shop while they put them on and did an alignment on the car, ran home to finish school with Evan and prep dinner.  Evan and I headed out on an hour or so hike through the Thompson Dam to see the new bridge they installed to connect the two sides; finally a new loop!  I ran home, gobbled up some lunch and then headed to the library and to Alec's school for the 1st day of track.  My mom met me at the school and we walked around the cemetery for an hour or so while Alec was at practice.  I had Evan pop dinner in the oven while I was driving home and then helped both older boys with some schoolwork before and after lunch.  (18, 884 steps)   


22. It was another cold and windy day so Evan convinced me to skip our hike; after his schooling I got engrossed in my book and ended up finishing it up entirely.  I did meet my mom at the school and we walked again while Alec was at practice but it was so windy! (11, 889 steps)

23. Evan convinced me that it was too cold to go walking so I spent my afternoon helping Ian with some schoolwork and getting lots of laundry done. (3,838 steps)

24.  Evan and I tackled his schoolwork early so I could head out for my haircut appointment. I stopped and picked up groceries at BJ's on the way home. It was pouring and so cold (not even 40!) that I spent my afternoon working on the blog and watching TV. (6,519 steps)

25. My day started at 3:30 in the morning since Alec had to be at school for his SkillsUSA Baking competition by 4:30.  He had a great time and made some fabulous projects (that he got to take home and share with us). The other two boys and I head out to a new hiking place-- Leadmine and had a great time hiking with our group but pretty sure that achy foot I woke up with is now much worse. (9,214  steps but forgot to put  my tracker on until I had already been up for a couple of hours).

26. Tried to stay off my foot as much as possible while still managing to clean the house, run Alec to Karate and get a few more groceries at Stop and Shop.  (4,456 steps)

27.  Since I was limping all around the house by dinner last nigh I made sure to really stay off my foot.  I did take a quick trip to Michael's and to get gas with Ian but then spent the rest of my day working on scrapbooking pages and reading my latest novel.  (2,644 steps).

28.  We have had a freezing cold spell run through our area which I'm okay with since my foot still hurts and I am unable to walk much on it. I spent most of the day helping the boys with their schoolwork and reading by the fireplace. (5040 steps).

29.  We were going to head out on a hike with our friends today but with temps in the 20's we all decided to postpone it one day; I'm glad to have one last day to baby my foot as it is starting to feel better and I don't wan to re-injure it.  I spent my afternoon working on some scrapbooking pages-- all my photos are on pages and now I need to work on titles and a few embellishments. (4,125 steps)

30. Our hike was canceled altogether when the weather still didn't warm up.  I spent another lazy day at home reading and scrapping. (4,703 steps)

31.  Though I knew my foot wasn't quite 100% yet, Evan and I did head out hiking after he finished up his schoolwork.  We hiked for an hour and half around the Thompson dam in the drizzly weather and while I had to rest my foot the rest of the day it sure felt well worth it. I was going stir-crazy. (12,944 steps)

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  1. Love the format and love how you included the steps- that is awesome and such a motivator!

  2. I love how you included the steps. I should do that for April since I'm trying to motivate myself to finish another virtual walk. I love all your photo ball pictures and your creativity really shines through in both your cards (which are my favourites) and your scrapbook pages. I hope your foot continues to heal.

    1. Thank you so much. It's doing better; not fully healed but better.

  3. It's a shame you ended up pulling a muscle in your foot. I hope it's feeling better now. It's always when you make the extra effort something goes wrong. What a great month you had and fab photos. I bet you are glad to see the back of all of the snow x

    1. It does always seem that way doesn't it?! I think my body was just trying to tell me it was too much too soon.

  4. Loved strolling through your month! Gorgeous photos from Day 10. Fun birthday cards and beautiful woodland photos. Sorry to hear that you pulled a muscle, that is not fun. I hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your walks again.


    1. Thank you! That snowy walk was one of my favorites... even if I'm not the biggest fan of snow.

  5. What a month! I bet by next month the trees will look mighty different!

    1. I bet! I can't wait.. though I am dreading the allergy flare ups.

  6. I love how you are logging your walking steps this way Joanne. That's so impressive and really shows how you keep moving.
    And the photos of the outdoors from snowy to not snowy is a cool progression.

  7. Joanne,
    WOW!! All your pictures are beautiful and love that you are logging your steps an sticking to keeping moving!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  8. Even though you know the weather changes, your photographic record really underscores it! Loved the photos with the ball!

  9. I can't believe how cold and snowy it has been for y'all. It really hasn't been all that warm down here this year so far either. Although, what I think is warm and what you think is warm are probably two totally different things since we're from two totally different parts of the US! Haha.

    1. LOL. Probably! We're happy it "warmed up" into the 60's these past two days.

  10. Getting in those steps is working for you, looks like you have lost weight. Yay! That photo ball does add a unique perspective to your pictures. Those baking scrapbook pages are adorable. Karen


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