Encouraging Hearts and Home: Goodbye January

Often January feels like the longest month of the year here in New England and I am so pleasantly surprised that we're very nearly into February already! I try so hard to just enjoy each day as it comes but I find winter to be so long and so boring that it's hard not to wish it away.  We're bracing for a big snowstorm this weekend and keeping warm around the house.  What are your favorite indoor activities?

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Oven Roasted Delicata Squash and Onions by Scratch Made Food & DIY Homemade Household

Some of my favorites from last week:

Hiking the Glassy Mountain Trail by The Diary of Nicole Alicia 

Strawberry Lemon Bars by The House On Silverado 

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  1. We're in the middle of a storm here. Jerusalem has snow (though just rain where I am). I am keeping warm at home!
    Thanks for hosting.

  2. I am.preparing for the storm with a pot of soup on the stove. And chuckling at the term "bomb cyclone."

    1. That is the perfect way to prepare for a storm!

  3. Joanne,
    Thanks again for hosting this lovely party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it is greatly appreciated!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  4. Don’t you look so cute in your sweaters?? Thanks, Joanne, for hosting this party for us. I hope wintertime speeds quickly by for you. I happen to love it here in Texas, but I remember what it was like in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan!

  5. Those lemon bars look delicious!!
    I too am glad to see January almost gone, it's been such a FRIGID month! Hoping the snowstorm you're about to get won't be too bad! Somehow I always feel like decluttering a bit on snow days and re-organizing kitchen cabinets and closets.
    Thanks for hosting the linkup!

    1. It really has been so cold. I'm okay with the snow but I'm just really hoping we don't get the widespread power outages they're predicting. I'm hoping to clean and craft this weekend.

  6. We've been so lucky with the snow storms this winter Joanne. I know how it's going to be a big storm in New England and NY. I hope we make it through the storm ok. Thanks for hosting and enjoy the rest of the week.

  7. Thanks for hosting, always fun to visit but especially when one of my own was top viewed! Have a great day and take care.

  8. Joanne, I relate perfectly to your sentiments about January and winter. It really is hard not to wish it away. But I have been trying to embrace hibernation and have been focusing on health and wellness indoors...lots of yoga and exercise and rest and relaxation. I will be ready to emerge in the spring!


    1. Yes, I've been trying to exercise every morning.

  9. Replies
    1. Don't they?! I love finding delicious recipes on the web.

  10. Oh, this has been the longest January ever! It's so cold! Can't wait for it to be over. Thanks for the party.


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