Sentence a Day in October

We had quite a bit of fun in October.  We tackled a mini remodel, went on a short weekend getaway, celebrated a few birthdays and enjoyed lots of time outside.  

1.  Evan and I headed out hiking with our hiking group after finishing up schooling while Ian headed out to work and Alec was off at school.

2. My husband and I were up and out of the house early to buy parts for fixing up our bathroom; which turned into a much larger project than we had anticipated.  

3. I started my day in the kitchen making some freezer meals-- lasagna, roast beef pot pie, etc. Then helped my husband work on the bathroom some more. 

4. A very rain day spent at home; we lost power around lunch though and didn't get it back until nearly dinnertime.  We ended up with take out. 

So handy that this kid knows how to get our generator going!

5. I had a haircut, ran to do groceries, then picked Alec up from his 1/2 day of school before bringing him home to get ready for his physical appointment. 

6.  I had the whole house to myself for the afternoon when my mother in law offered to take Ian and Evan out to lunch; I took my lunch to the patio and enjoyed some warm sun and my new book. 

7. Evan, my mom, my mom's friend, and I went hiking for nearly 2 hours; it was beautiful out!

8. Evan and I led a hike for our hiking group through Pulaski park; we had one new family show up and it turns out I went to high school with the mom! We ha a fun time getting reacquainted. 

We are seeing so many neat varieties of mushrooms this year

9. Alec and I spent the whole day baking and then the entire family went to the light festival at the local zoo. 

10. It was a cold and rainy Sunday so I spent the day inside reading, doing laundry, and blogging.

11. Alec, Evan, and I ended up going for a hike in the afternoon when the sun finally came out then Alec and I made up our annual apple pies. 

12. After finishing up school with Evan and Ian we cleaned the upstairs and I worked on sanding the sheetrock repair and putting another coat of spackle on. 

13. Evan and I hiked at the state park after all the schoolwork was done. 

14. Evan and I went on a hike to the Thompson Dam after finishing up school.

15. I spent the day packing and cleaning the house and getting ready to head up to New Hampshire.  We checked into our hotel (The Mountain Club on Loon) at 9pm.

16. We were up early after an awful night of sleep (the beds was SO HARD!) and tried out the breakfast buffet before heading out for a wet day of hiking.  We ended our day with a delicious Italian dinner.

17. Our plans to eat breakfast at Flapjacks had to be altered since they unexpectedly closed for the day. After a quick breakfast at our own hotel we headed out to hike Mt. Pemigwasset then headed home. 

18. A busy day with school for the boys and lots of errands and phone calls to make on my end. 

19. I started panting the bathroom.

20. Alec had the day off from school and Ian had to work so I canceled school for Evan as well and worked on fishing up the bathroom walls.

21. I repainted the closet wall and got all my clothes put back into my closet.

22. Evan and I went hiking Friday morning with our friends.

23. We had a very belated birthday party for Evan and his cake was amazing!

24. A day spent grocery shopping, stacking a bit of wood, and working on the blog. 

25. A rainy day where I tackled a bit more cleaning and made sure all the boys have all the winter gear they need for the snowy and icy weather we are sure to see in the next month or two. 

26. Another rainy day stuck inside but I managed to get my nails done; I had just gotten in a new collection of Color Street wraps. 

27. It was such a rainy & windy day that most neighboring areas lost power; somehow we didn't! I spent my day inside reading, watching TV, and blogging. 

28. Alec only had a 1/2 day of school and Evan and I decided to leave the house an hour early and run errands stopping at the library, the post office, and the bank before filling up my tank and picking up Alec. 

29.  Evan and I hiked up Mt. Wachusett with our hiking group and then I spent my evening celebrating my brother's birthday at Stumpy's Hatchet House. 

30. After missing the last few weeks I finally took Alec to karate this week where we learned his demo (and the festival) had been postponed to next weekend.  I spent my afternoon getting started on my Christmas card making.

31. Halloween day found my husband and I running errands like grocery shopping and trying to get our cell phones switched over and found Alec baking up some delicious strawberry pinwheels for his party on Monday. 

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  1. Another month full of beautiful hiking (oh and delish dessert making!) :)

  2. We have a couple of axe throwing places here now and it looks like such a fun thing to do!

    1. It was fun; expensive though (I thought and assume that's got to be due to the high insurance policy they must have to keep).

  3. I absolutely love your hiking pictures.

  4. The baked goods look so tasty! You've been busy.

  5. It sounds like a good month and looks like you've had a right mix of weather. x

    1. Yep, the weather has been all over the place! I'm Okay with that though since we haven't had any ice and snow yet.

  6. You had great hikes this month. Somehow, we only got out once in October and it was too muddy and mosquito filled :( Your months are always full of good food too!!! YUM!!!

    1. Our hikes have been really filled with mosquitoes too until the last week or so when the cold settled in. All that water really led to a buggy fall.

  7. Wow the light festival at the zoo looks amazing! Seems like such a nice month for you with a lot of great hikes too! :)

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From The Blue

  8. I enjoyed your hiking photos, Joanne.

    Yummm! Those baked goods look so enticing!

    Glad you had a good month.

    1. Thank you! It's such a beautiful time of year for hiking.

  9. Every month you have such lovely photos of places that you hike! Not to mention all that delicious baking - how lucky to have a baker in the family!

    1. Thank you! We are really having fun with our hikes this year.

  10. What a fun way to get reacquainted with someone from high school while going on a hike on a beautiful fall day in your area. I can smell the wet leaves on those rainy day hikes. Those strawberry pinwheels look delicious. Karen


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