Not Just A Mom: Handling Those Busy Nights

It's the second Monday of the month so that means it's time for another Not Just a Mom Link up!  This month we're talking all about how we handle those busy nights.  Thankfully we don't often have busy nights; for some reason we just rarely have anything going on during the week.

Alec started track and field last spring and we had our first season of practices and meets.  I had to learn how handle busy nights!

I found it was key to plan ahead. 

I often cook up meals and put them in freezer or have a crock pot meal on the calendar so that dinner is pretty much handled.  See June's post on quick family meals

My homeschooling boys never has homework and thankfully Alec and Ian are so great about keeping up with their schoolwork that we rarely have to worry about them tackling any schoolwork at night either.  

With three drivers in the house now the actual running around isn't usually a big issue for us but it still feels weird when Ian is the one driving his brothers places!  

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  1. Planning ahead and knowing what is happening is important!

  2. Planning ahead makes everything run more smoothly!!

  3. Thankfully we don't have many busy nights. Once the homework is done we just like to relax. x

  4. Our kids don't have a lot of homework here either. I think homework really isn't a thing in our area, at least until high school.

    1. My son is in high school but rarely has homework (not that I'm complaining!).

  5. That will be such an odd feeling when my kids can drive themselves places! And both of mine will be able to drive at the same time. Crazy to think about.

    1. My middle son will also be getting his license this winter and it is really weird to know that I won't be driving him to school everyday next year.

  6. Oh, homework. Some nights my daughters had hours of the stuff. Ugh.
    I was so thankful when the oldest daughter was able to drive herself and her sister to
    after-school events. Life became a whole lot less hectic.

    1. Thankfully we have not had hours worth of homework yet! My son's school has each child having one study hall most every day and Alec is a quick worker so he rarely has any at all.


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