October Goals and How I Did On My September Goals

With the start of the new month it's time to check in and see how I did with my September goals and set some new goals for October.

September's Goals:

Drive Alec to school his first few days and get a routine down-- Check!  We had a great routine down for this first 2 1/2 weeks of school but then it was his turn to do distance learning while other grades went into the building and then starting today they'll be back in the building but our routine needs to change since I can't drive him right now.  

Start school with the other two boys-- Check! We've already made a decent dent in some of our schoolwork.

Get Ian into driver's ed and attend first class with him (like required)-- Check! I went to his first class and my husband has been taking him after work to all his other classes. 

Celebrate Evan's birthday with family-- Check!  We had a small family party with a few of his grandparents in attendance. 

Try to find a new primary care physician and schedule a physical for me--Nope! I purposely set this aside since I figured it was best to have a physical after I had recovered from surgery. 

Figure out what to do with Alec & karate since he's no longer available on Tuesday mornings-- Check! Alec started a new karate class in Rhode Island that he is really enjoying as his favorite teacher from his old karate school is starting up her own business. 

Get back into hiking with our hiking group-- Check! We only managed a hike or two before my surgery but it was so nice to see everyone! 

Exercise every weekday and track both food and water with WW app-- Nope!  Not even close.  I did awful with exercise and eating this month. 

Decorate house for fall-- Check!  You can check out all our fall decorations here.

Start cleaning up patio and putting  away summer furniture-- Check! We even got the wood stacked in it's place on the patio so we are all set for winter. 

Organize Alec's dresser to fit his uniform clothes & everyday clothes-- Check?! We decided to leave his dresser alone but added a hanging organizer to his closet where we store all his uniform pieces. It has been working out great! 

Get my surgery taken care of and focus on my recovery--Check!

October Goals:
  • Take it easy and let my body rest and recover (something I really struggle with!)
  • Celebrate my husband's birthday
  • Have a family movie/candy night in honor of Halloween
  • Start hiking as soon as the doctor approves it
  • Start on my Christmas shopping
  • Go through all the winter gear and make sure everyone has what they need/buy whatever they've outgrown and still need
  • Make a yummy caramel popcorn snack mix of some sort
  • Get at least one date night in!

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  1. I am thinking your surgery is tomorrow. Praying all goes well, my friend. Let us know how you are.
    Well done on the September goals. I really dropped the ball on mine. Will put out my October goals with my Currently post this week.

    1. I was surprised at how well I did since I had kind of forgotten about them!

  2. Hope you're continuing to mend!!

    1. Thank you! It's so hard to hold myself back from doing too much.

  3. Great October goals! Is it time to start Christmas shopping already?!? Thank you for this reminder. Slowly buy surely, I'm learning how to plan better :)

    1. I like to buy at least a few gifts a week and spread my shopping out over a few months to keep those bills easier to manage.

  4. Well done on your goals. I love your goals for October. I'm glad that you are recovering well!

  5. You did really well on your September goals! Here's to doing well in October, too!

  6. Good luck with your recovery! And your other goals!

  7. I love that wire pumpkin. So pretty! I am so impressed that you are going to start your Christmas shopping this month. I need to get myself going.

    1. My son made that! I was so impressed with how it turned out.

  8. Ugh, I don't want to think about winter gear yet :( Although I need to do that soon. Way to go on your September goals!!!

    1. Thank you! I don't like to think about winter gear either.


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