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 This month's Not Just  a Mom link up is all about getting crafty.  If you've read my blog at all these past couple of weeks you already know I am all about crafting.  I enjoy crafts of all sorts-- everything from baking to sewing to papercrafting to making floral wreaths to painting... I think I've pretty much tried it all.  

I was one of those Pinterest type moms long before Pinterest was around.   I loved sending in themed treats to the whole class for Valentine's day, Christmas, and "just because."  I began my arts and crafts journey at a very young age starting with weekly art lessons when I just 6!  

Here are some of my all time favorite crafting projects:

We've enjoyed making luminaries from mason jars for just about every season there is (snow jars here)

Scrapbooking pages of all sorts

Card for all occasions 

Painting a welcome mat for the front door

I like to make wreaths for our front door for all occasions (candy cane wreath tutorial here)

I make all sorts of gifts for birthdays and Christmas too (Christmas shadowbox sign here)

I also really enjoys more artsy things like photography, cake decorating, sewing, and painting. 

a slate tile I painted this year

A painting I made in high school

I painted a mural in each of my boys' bedrooms

I made all my own prom dresses with my mom's help

I began dabbling in cake decorating once I had my boys and found I just LOVED it!

Alec's pokeball cake
Ian's skateboard cake

Dabbling in photography :

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  1. You're so crafty! I wish I had an ounce of your talents. I like crafting sometimes -- I'm just not good at it!!!

  2. You are so talented. You can do anything!! I remember that darling shadow box jingle bells from last year, I think. Would love to make one. Also really like the wintry luminarias. And that painting from high school is gorgeous. The reflection in the water reminds me of the recent photos you have taken from the window looking out on the lake. Such serenity.

    1. I love painting water scenes and reflections. I have quite a few framed paintings from high school and college up on our walls.

  3. You are great at crafts! I forgot that photography is a craft too, lol. I just posted a bunch of recent knitting projects!

    1. Absolutely! I figure anything that can be in a museum is a craft.

  4. I need a porch sign in my life. I keep thinking about getting a circuit to make everything I "need" for cheaper. Thanks for linking up with Not Just A Mom

  5. Wow !!Love your prom dress.


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