A Sentence a Day in May

It's been almost another full month of sheltering in place here in Connecticut but we've managed to have quite a bit of fun anyway!

1.  Alec and I began re-painting his room; I just love the color he picked.

2.  I put a second coat on two of the walls before running out of paint but while we were taking a trip to Lowe's anyway we decided to try and pick up his flooring too.

3.  We took a 2 hour hike through the woods trying to find some new trails; even thought it was buggy and hot it was well worth it to work up the appetite for ice cream (that we picked up and ate at my husband's work to meet social distancing guidelines still in place).

4.  I made a few sympathy cards, cooked up a new lasagna recipe, and had a video chat with my doctor about my surgery and when on Earth the hospital & regulations might allow that to happen.

5.  The boys and I went on an hour long hike before swinging by the post office and stopping at Michael's for a curbside order.

6. The boys and I went on a walk and then I spent my afternoon crafting up a Father's day gift and making a new tray for summer.

7. The younger boys and I headed out on a hike to the Thompson Dam and talked about trying out the 8 mile loop trail one day.

8. We all headed to Purgatory Chasm before lunch to see if the chasm was open for hiking; it's a one way trail now but that was fine with us!

9. We had  a nice day with family and then lost power during wind/ snow flurries so we got some take out from the Pub 99 for dinner.

10. I had a delicious Mother's Day breakfast cooked for me before my husband and I headed out on a long 3 hour hike; making it back home in time to help Alec start preparing dinner topped off with a family movie and some cheesecake.

11. I spent a rainy day working on my puzzle and reading my book.

12.  We put together my new Mother's Day chair (that came in just one day late!).

13. The younger boys and I went on a nice hour and half long hike trying out two new trails off the tri-state marker trail.

14. We went on a slightly longer than 4 mile hike then stopped to get ice cream for lunch.

I played around with my gazing ball while hiking

15.  My mother in law brought pizza/ take out for the kids for lunch and we had a picnic outside on the patio.

16.  We spent the whole day putting in Alec's new floor; it looks fabulous!

17.  I spent my morning finishing up my latest puzzle and my latest book before hitting up our local Bj's with my husband for some much needed groceries.

18.  It was a cloudy day and we all were pretty lazy; I laid around reading my latest book thinking I should have been working on the last garden.

19.  The younger boys and I hiked for nearly 2 hours and then after lunch I finally tackled that last garden and put out all my cute garden decorations.

20.  The younger boys and I went shopping today; we hit up Target, Danielson Surplus, and Runnings before heading home and working on repainting one of my garden statues.

21.  I re-organized my closet, bought new summer clothes on-line, went grocery shopping (after running back to Target for a few returns) and then the boys and I went to pick up books at our library and head out for a little hike.

22.  My mom came over and we all went for a kayak ride together.

23. Evan and I ran to Michael's, Target, and Lowe's and bought all the outdoor flowers I needed for the summer while my husband and Ian went to pick up a new to us jet ski.

24. We went on a lovely 2 1/2 hour hike through George Washington campground area and picked up some take out for dinner on our way home.

25.  It was a cool, rainy day so we stuck close to home and tackled some yardwork and put our dock in the water.

26.  Alec and I made a key lime pie from scratch and it turned out great!

27.  We went on a nice long hour and a half walk with my mom and her friend before getting ice cream and hanging out at the cottage on the lake with family.

28.  It was a cool rainy day so we stayed inside and cleaned the rest of the house.

29.  Evan and I ran to Target to pick up a few things before we all worked together to really clean our basement then Alec and I sat to do some painting and in the late afternoon the boys and I went hiking.

30.  I spent much of my afternoon reading my latest book on the patio in the sun.

31.  We went on another 3 hour/6 mile hike and finished our afternoon off with some ice cream!

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  1. Love your nature shots as always...still can't believe it snowed in May!

  2. What a nice view from your back patio!

  3. Such beautiful hiking trails and loving your activities in may! You were surely spoilt on mother's day, not only with the comfy chair but that amazing breakfast as well!!
    The sympathy cards are so nicely done!

    1. I was definately spoiled! I think my husband felt like he had to make up for Christmas (when all my gifts got lost in the mail!).

  4. So many things to love about your time in May. What a cute and comfy outfit! Surgery? Oh no...I think I would hate waiting and not knowing when.

    1. I hate the wait (and the pain I'm in while waiting) but what can you do? At least my doctor and I finally agreed on a treatment plan.

  5. Nice hiking trails and lake you have at your door steps. You and your son did a great painting and flooring job for his room. Enjoy reading and day dreaming from your comfy chair! #sentenceaday

    1. We have so many great trails nearby and it's been wonderful having the lake at our doorstep knowing that we can have plenty of summer fun once the water warms up.

  6. What a lovely may with beautiful nature and delicious eats! Making this whole Covid a bit more doable I'm sure. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Definitely making Covid a bit more doable. I don't think I could have handled it nearly as well sanity wise without all our short little hiking trips.

  7. Lots of great times spent outdoors. Love the name "Purgatory Chasm.' Your Mother's Day breakfast looked delicious.

    1. I've always loved the name Purgatory Chasm too!

  8. What a perfect Mother's Day gift, I think that will get a lot of use! You certainly are spoilt for choice for places to spend time walking outdoors. What a busy month you had!

    1. It is deinitley getting quite a bit of use already.

  9. I love how your recap posts always include lots of the outdoors and lots of food!

    1. That pretty much sums up my life; lots of outdoor time and food.

  10. So many outdoor activities this month, looks so good! I love the term sheltering in place, we don't call it that here in Aus. All the best for the month ahead!

    1. Yes, we have been very lucky that our weather has been as nice as it has.

  11. This is all so great! So many delicious food pictures. And I love all of your hiking excursions as well as your beautiful crafting and home improvement projects. You have certainly kept yourselves busy during May! Thanks for linking up with me.



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