Tentative 9th Grade Curriulum

Alec has/had planned to go to high school next year but with so much up in the air right now and not even knowing if he'll be accepted we decided to put a back up plan in place

While I am trying to mostly meet our state requirements for graduation, I don't have to.  In our state a homeschool falls under the category of a private school and my husband and I can set our own graduation requirements.

I like to keep those state guidelines in mind though to keep his options open for beyond high school and because I do think those guidelines help create a well rounded student.

Math:  Alec will finish up his No- Nonsense Algebra (that he picked out for 8th Grade and we stopped 1/2 way through not wanting him to be too far ahead of the other kids in high school) and we'll also use the No- Nonsense Algebra Practice workbook to really hone those Algebra skills  (1 credit) 

Science: We were loaned a wonderful biology series by some friends of ours that Ian will be using and I always try to combine subjects for the boys whenever I can so Alec will use the same series.   (1 credit)

English III: Once again we'll combine writing, grammar, and reading together for a full credit.

Writing: Finish Write Shop I-- (.33 credits)
Grammar: Daily Language Practice 9th Grade: Use It! Don't Lose it! - (.33 credits)
Reading: We'll continue reading books of his choosing combined with family read alouds and books on CD-- (.33 credits).

History/Government:  He'll study World Government using World Government Social Studies Activity Book, The 100 Series, and we'll supplement with accompanying books, movies, and materials-- again, just like Ian.  (1 Credit)


Foreign Language-- He will continue with his French practice using Duolingo everyday and Alec has asked to supplement with an actual French Grammar book so we'll be using French Grammar for Beginners (1 credits)

Culinary Arts-- We want to focus more on honing individual skills in culinary arts. Each month we'll pick a focus (bread, soups, cheeses, etc) and check out a book or two (like the ones shown below) dedicated to that one area of cooking trying out many recipes.  We are pretty excited to try making our own cheese!  (1 Credit)

Physical Education-- (.25 credits) Along with our hikes we hope that his karate classes will start back up in the fall.  

Health/safety-- (.5 credits)

Total: 6.75 credits

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  1. I give you all the credit in the world- teaching is hard!

    1. Thank you! It can be; but the rewards are well worth it.

  2. This looks fantastic! I am interested in the 100 series books - googling now in another tab, ha! I actually reviewed the Math Refresher for Adults by Math Essentials (same series as the No-Nonsense Algebra). I'm definitely eyeing the No-Nonsense Algebra for Mercie. She's only in 7th grade this coming year, but it looks great.

    1. We use a lot of Math Essential books in our classroom; they are great!

  3. My daughter is going into highschool this year as well - at least I hope that will be the case with the current situation! How wonderful that you have a backup plan! His lessons plan look great!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Ellibelle's Corner


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