Weigh- In Wednesday: A New Plan

I had lost some momentum in meeting my weight loss goals mainly because I was feeling so darn good!  I can not ever recall a time I was buying clothing in such small sizes... at least not in the last 18 years and there have been times I was quite happy with my weight.  But I don't want to settle and get too complacent as I did set a goal and I want to meet that goal.

I  set my mind to getting back on track and set a few new goals for myself for the month of November.

I had a photo from last Halloween show up in my timeline and since I still had the same sweater (I can no longer get those jeans to stay up or even those flip flops to stay on my feet!) I decided to take another photo and do a side by side comparison.  I wanted to see how far I had come and how little I have left to go.

Once my husband saw the dramatic difference in my photo he asked me to make one of his changes too; we're like two totally different people!

This spurned me on to try harder and I decided that I needed to get back to taking more photos of my meals and making sure I had more blue dot days.  I was doing great too and then WW switched up their system mid-month and I decided to give their Purple program a try with even more zero point foods!

I now have less daily points but so far have not had a problem sticking to my point range-- sadly though switching systems made my dots disappear so I can't say for sure but I think I only went over my points 3 days all month and I never once went over my weekly points!

I dropped an additional 4 lbs. and just have 6 left to go!

I am realistic enough to realize with Thanksgiving coming up I'll probably go up a pound or two before the end of the month but I am used to the ups and downs of weight loss by now and know that I just have to get back on track with really tracking my foods and eating healthy after the holidays and I'll be just fine.

Here are some of the foods I've been eating this month:

Breakfasts:  fruit with eggs and two ingredient bagels

Fresh fruit with fat free yogurt for a zero point breakfast.

Lunches:  Lots of salads!

Dinner: Fish casserole with vegetables,

Ok... so I could still improve on snapping photos of more meals.. but I'm not worrying as much since it seems like my new purple plan is working out so well.  


  1. That is such a awesome job!! Congrats on all of your hard work and your hubby's too! I need to implement some changes with what we eat for desserts, fruit salads with yogurt and more healthy sweets would help us.

    1. Thank you! We have found Yasso and Enlightened yogurt bars to be a great substitute for ice cream (something we used to eat much too frequently!). Swapping out desserts for healthier options has definitely made a difference... but I still indulge at least once a week.

  2. The before and after pics are great! I've been maintaining my current weight which is 2 pounds above my goal weight. I am happy with that, but would be happier if I was maintaining at my actual goal!

    1. That is awesome! I am a bit scared of maintaining my goal once I get there as that has always been the hardest part of weight loss but I do feel hopeful that this is a livable lifestyle change that I can keep going.

  3. I decided to stay on the blue plan because I am so close to the finish line that I'm worried about mixing it up! I think after the new year I'll really sit with the other plans to see how they work.

    Your improvement is amazing! You are not kidding when you say that you and your husband look like totally different people. It must be so fun to do this journey with him. I'm so proud of your progress! And you are so close to your goal! Awesome work momma!!

    1. I'm debating about switching back to blue. I love that I can now eat whole wheat pasta, couscous, and potatoes but having so few points make it so hard to stock points up for eating out and just one splurge meal this week put me at -40 for the week! I'm trying to give it a good month though so I can really see if it will work better for me or not in the long run. I did love being on blue and I can't tell if I'm not liking purple so much because it's new or because it won't work for me...

      It is a lot of fun to do this with my husband; we're introducing healthy eating to the whole family and keep spurring each other on.

  4. You look so good! (Hubby too)! I've heard good things about the purple plan.

  5. You both look amazing!! That fish casserole sounds great.

    1. Thank you; that fish casserole is my new favorite meal. It's so delicious and I never quite make it the same way twice as any vegetables work great in it.


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