Sentence A Day in October

I am so sad to see October end.  I just love the beautiful weather we've had this month and all the pretty colors that were surrounding us.  While I do love November because of Thanksgiving, it does start to get much colder and somehow those bare branches just depress me.  We sure made the most of the beautiful weather though with lots and lots of hiking trips!

1.  Evan and I went shopping for new shoes while Alec was at karate.

I just love these gray boots I bought!

2.  Alec's Amish friendship bread starter was ready so he baked up two loaves of bread while I whipped up a batch of banana muffins.

3.  We picked apples and baked up a Toll House Pie.

4.  We went hiking at Ross' Cliffs and enjoyed the colorful leaves.

5.  I spent my morning working on a t-shirt for a friend using my Cricut.

6. I spent most of my day working on scrapbooking pages and got all caught up to September's pictures.

7.  I had a doctor's appointment & ultrasound in the afternoon so the boys and I got their schoolwork out of the way early in the day.

8.  Alec started feeling sick almost as soon as his karate class started so we headed home and spent the day lazing around the house.

9.  Everyone seemed to be feeling better and while we tackled some schoolwork we finished up early so I could go get a haircut and get our groceries for the week.

10.  Alec made some homemade biscuits to go with the beef stew I had cooking in the crock pot.

11. I spent part of my afternoon catching up with a dear, dear friend on the phone.

12.  I made a bunch of Christmas ornaments and all my Christmas cards.

13.  We cleaned up the yard, I took the boys' fall photos, and we squeezed in a family hike before dinner.

14.  We had company coming over to visit so I gave the boys the day off from school... the dessert Alec made was AMAZING!!

15. It was a beautiful sunny day so I kicked the boys outside all afternoon and wandered the neighborhood with my camera.

16.  We set aside our schoolwork for an hour to go for a hike at Pulaski park.

17.  It rained all day which allowed us to get lots of schoolwork done.

18. We met some friends of ours at a local dam and went for a nice hour long hike.

19. 6 long years after our last family photo, I finally made an appointment to have our family photos taken again; we settled on gray and burgundy for our color scheme.

20. My nephew came to dinner with my parents; he was up here visiting with them after attending a local concert with some friends.

21.  We met up with our hiking group at the Thompson Dam for a nice hour and a half hike.

22. After Alec's karate class we enjoyed a rainy afternoon at home.

23.  We finally got around to making our own candy/caramel apples.

24. We went hiking and stopped at the apple orchard for more apples.

25.  After Alec's physical we met up with some friends of ours for another fantastic autumn hike.

26. My husband and I had a wonderful date night out and did lots of shopping for new clothes.

27.  I worked on letting the hem down on Alec's karate pants while he put together his spider cupcakes for his karate class' Halloween party.

28.  We went hiking at Tantiusques with our hiking group for a nice, long 2 hour hike.

29.  We had a great time at Alec's Halloween themed karate class; they had a great time sparring in costume (though Alec and a few other students didn't wear any).

30.  A busy day filled with orthodontic and doctor appointments.

31.  We toured our local Amazon Fulfillment Center.


  1. What an amazing month you had! Alec is quite the baker!! I love all of the fall colors in your walks. Those grey boots are fabulous!

    1. He really is quite a baker. I just love that he is completely fearless in the kitchen too and will tackle just about any recipe.

  2. Oh my goodness - all those sweet treats!!!! Amish bread? That looks amazing!!!!
    I need some new winter boots myself!

    1. That Amish bread was amazing! We had a few batches of starter that we froze for future use and I'm thinking of using it for Thanksgiving.

  3. So many great activities. Loving all our fall pictures, the treats look delicious and your Christmas cards look fantastic!
    Ellibelle's Corner

    1. Thank you! You've inspired me to write up a post about those cards. I am just loving all your beautiful creations.

  4. I am so hungry and seeing all of the delicious baking going on at your house has me ready to climb into my computer and visit you guys! Amish bread was something all my teacher friends shared years ago. Wish I still had a starter. I have a yeast starter that has been in the family for years, and need to make some bread tomorrow to keep it going. How did your son(s?) begin cooking/baking? As part of their home school instruction? It is so wonderful and refreshing to see them confident in the kitchen. My PC is cooking tonight = Mexican at our fave mom and pop dive! Ha!

    You are surrounded by such beauty, thank you for sharing with your photos. And look at you, knocking out your Christmas cards before Thanksgiving. Wow! I really need to use my Cricut more. It is an old one I bought on eBay and it doesn't cut well. No matter the blade, setting, pressure. Love seeing your scrapbook pages. Tomorrow I am going to finish a page, too!!

    1. My son was watching lots of episodes of cupcake wars and asked if he could make cupcakes one night. I told him I was busy but he could try baking them himself following a recipe and he just fell in love with baking. Next thing we knew he was looking for any and all reasons to bake cupcakes and cakes and he's slowly begun branching out to homemade pastries, breads, and muffins too. Since he is so passionate about it we have begun incorporating it into his schooling studies and he tries to tackle a new baking project/ recipe every couple of weeks.

  5. It is always great to look back over the last month and reminisce!

    1. It really is! I love looking back at our month in a quick glance.

  6. I'm so impressed by all that baking - it all looks delicious! Sounds like you are very organised for Christmas already, I probably need to at least start making some 'to do' lists!

    1. I'm trying to be! I typically try to get most of gifts bought (or at least figured out what I'm going to buy!) by Thanksgiving.


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