Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week Of Evan's Party

We have had an odd mix of high and lows this week and I'm just so thankful it's Friday.  We have had a wonderful time with my sister and family and in a weird way we're thankful to Dorian for extending her stay (though I hope all in his path are OK!!).

My husband needed to get his license renewed and we decided to make a date of it!  He got out of work a bit early on Friday and we headed out together to our local AAA branch that handles renewals then went for a walk on the Niantic Boardwalk and had dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse.  We had so much fun but I did end up with a few blisters from my sandals and all the walking we did.  The views were totally worth it though!

That's 1839!  

Saturday afternoon my brother and his family came up to visit with my sister and we all went kayaking with my parents... I think we had 11 kayaks out on the water altogether and it was a lot of fun.

We had a family birthday party on Sunday.  My sister was having a joint party for both her kids at one of the local ponds.  We had a beautiful day for it too.

Alec got up bright and early on Monday and offered to make crepes for everyone.  It was his first time making crepes and he did a great job!  He then headed off to work with his father while Ian headed off to work with his grandfather.  Evan and I met up with both my sisters, their families, and my parents for a nice long hike.  We all reconnected at my house for dinner.

We had a very early birthday party planned for Evan on Tuesday.  He really wanted another swimming/lake party and wanted his cousins to be here for it.  We spent our morning setting up and the spent the afternoon by the water.  The kids swam, had water balloon fights, and even a silly string fight.  It was wonderful and we learned that because of hurricane Dorian my sister and her boys will staying for another full week!!  While I am thrilled they are staying I am still hoping the forecast for Dorian changes-- it has already done enough damage.

Our cat has been declining steadily for the past few weeks and so I brought him to the vet's office on Wednesday.  We had to put him down and while it was so sad it was also just a bit of a relief as he's finally at peace.

Thursday I woke to the most beautiful sunrise.  I just love how the pink streaks in the sky were reflected back by the water.  The day found us back at the orthodontics office for a re-check and I had a much needed doctor's appointment as well.


  1. Happy Birthday to sweet Evan. Had I had another boy, that would’ve been a name at the top of the list. Have a super sweet weekend!

  2. So sorry about your cat. Happy birthday to Evan.

    1. Aw, thanks. Luckily we knew this day was coming soon so we were well prepared to say goodbye and knew he had lived a long and pretty nice life.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your cat, and I know what you mean about it being a relief when they are in poor health. Take care.

  4. Aww, I am sorry to hear about your cat :( I know how hard it is to lose a pet you love. Lovely pictures from your week. Looks like you go on some great adventures. Thanks so much for sharing your post with us at The Weekend Blog Hop.


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