Alec's' August Books

I have always known that Alec loves to read and I know that my boy can read quite quickly; devouring books in record time but he blew me away by all the books he managed to read this month!  He re-discovered many of his old favorite series and found that new books had been released so he was just thrilled to read and read and read.

1. The Keepers book 3: the Portal and the Veil-- in this third book of the series, Horace and his friends find out that the power in their talismans may not last forever and they race against time to save the world.

2.  Warriors book 6: The Darkest Hour-- Fireheart must face his destiny as prophesies unfold on the brink of a terrible battle.

3.  Brotherband book 7: The Caldera-- Stig and his band the Herons take on a band of pirates to attempt another rescue at sea; this time it's the son of the Empress who needs help.

4.  Keeper of The Lost Cities book 6: Nightfall -- Sophie and her friends decide to head into Nightfall; an ominous place fraught with danger.  There they have to uncover the secrets of the past of the Lost Cities.

5.  Seven Wonders book 5: The Legend of the Rift-- Aly is taken hostage and brought back in time with one of the shadow orbs that Jack and his friends have been trying so hard to find.  To save both Aly and the orb, Jack and his friends have to find the rest of the lost Louli and travel around the world to do that.

6.  Spirit Animals book 5: Against the Tide-- In this book Conor and his friends discover that one in their party is a traitor and as they all begin to suspect one another they're walking right into a deadly trap.

7. The Hidden World of Changers Book 1: The Gathering Storm-- 4 Middle school students discover that they can change into mythological creatures.

8.  The Hidden World of Changers Book 2: The Emerald Mask-- Gabriella has been having problems controlling her changers powers. When she unearths a mask from the attic it may just be what she needs.

9. The Seven Realms book 1; The Demon King-- Fellsmarch is a mountain city and many of it's people are struggling to survive.  Han will do anything for his family but can't do anything about the magic cuffs around his wrists.  Covered in ancient runes he knows they are magical since they grow as he grows and he has never been able to take them off until he begins to unlock their secrets.

10.  The Lost Rainforest book 1; Mez's Magic-- Caldera has long been divided into two; animals that walk at night and those that walk by day.  Then Mez, a nightwalking panther, discovers she can cross that veil into day and she's not the only animal that can pass between the two worlds.  Soon they must team up to save their rainforest home against the threat of evil.

11.  The Hidden World of Changer Book 3: The Power Within-- When Darren receives a bracelet to help control his lightning abilities the other changers question where it came from and wonder if it's really to help Darren or to trap him.

12.  Spirit Animals book 6: Rise and Fall-- Cabaro, the great lion, reigns over a kingdom of animals not allowing humans to step foot within the territory.  But Conor and the other heroes must take their animals and set off on a quest to find Cabaro's talisman.

13. The Keepers book 4 ; The Starlit Loom-- In the conclusion of the series, Horace and his friends are prepared to give up their lives to save the world as the Mothergates are dying and may unleash a dangerous force that would consume the land.

14.  Keeper of the Lost Cities book 7:  Flashback-- Sophie must let the past and present blur.  She realized that her greatest weakness lies within and seeks out to train in battle.


  1. What a great reader! My daughter is working on the Kepper of the Lost Cities series right now too. :)

    1. He really is; my only one out of the three that actually enjoys reading. He was so bummed that many of the books on this list have another book being released but not for a few months. We always joke he reads them much faster than anyone can write them.

  2. Wow, that is awesome your son is such a reader......he want get thru life and not know how to read when he graduates.
    Good job MOM.
    Also thanks for coming by my blog and for your encouraging comments.
    Blessings for the new school year,

    1. I'd love to take credit but he just fell in love with books so early on and taught himself to read before he ever even started Kindergarten!


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