5 on Friday

I'm skipping my normal Friday Favorites post this week that wraps up our week since we didn't do much.  Alec hurt his feet on Sunday and we spent a good 3 days relaxing and resting at home.  Instead I thought I'd share 5 favorite moments/ memories from this week.

1.  We had a great time at Gilette's Castle on Friday.  We went with another family/ friends of ours and we enjoyed exploring the castle, we did a tiny bit of hiking, and enjoyed a beautiful view of the river at lunch.

2.  My mom and step- father got new kayaks recently and I offered to go with them on their first kayaking trip.  The boys wanted in too and so did my mom's friend so we had a nice big group of us assembled Sunday afternoon for a leisurely kayak ride.

3.  We've had so many beautiful sunrises, foggy mornings, and rainy afternoons that I just had to list this view as a favorite this week!

4.  Usually about once a month (as the cooler weather hits) I take a day to cook up a storm in the kitchen and put a bunch of meals in the freezer; this week it was cloudy and rainy on Wednesday and I spent the morning cooking up a storm.  I made squash casserole, chicken/ broccoli/ rice casserole, turkey pot pie, a double batch of 2-ingredient bagels, and crustless quiche.  Just knowing I have quick meals on hand makes me so happy!

the pot pie without the crust... 

I like mine plain so these are all ready to bake

5. A simple snack-- I saw this idea for a simple snack on the Weight Watchers site and decided to give it a try.  Basically I took two slices of deli turkey and spread a 1/2 Laughing cow cheese wedge on each one then rolled them up.  Served with fresh veggies and/or fruit it makes for a very tasty low point treat!


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    1. Isn't it amazing! We kept talking about how much stone they must have used to build that whole house; the entry way ceiling was made of stone too!

  2. That snack looks delicious! Have a good weekend!

    1. I love it; but I just have to make sure to beat my son to the deli meat as he likes to eat lots and lots of sandwiches.

  3. Love your simple snack idea. I hope Alec is feeling much better. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. He is feeling much better and even went for a walk with us.

  4. These snacks look so tasty. You make some yummy food :) Thanks so much for sharing your post with us at The Weekend Blog Hop. Hope you can join us tomorrow.


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