Books Alec Read In July

With all this schoolwork on hold for the summer Alec has been having the best time reading up a storm!  He read at least a dozen books this month an already has a bunch more on hold at our library for next month.

1.  Brotherband book 5: Scorpion Mountain-- The brotherband must come together to protect the princess' life.

2.  Brotherband book 6: The Ghostfaces-- The brotherband is thrown off course and land on what appears to be a deserted island, not on any map they possess... but they feel like they're being watched.

3.  Keeper of the Lost Cities book 5: Lodestar-- Sohpie is back in the Lost Cities but she no longer knows who to trust

4.  Seven Wonders Book #4: The Curse of the King-- Alec has been working his way back through this series.  In this book Jack and his friends face the long- lost statue of Zeus.

5.- 7.  Shadowspell Academy books 1, 2, & 3-- Alec discovered this book series free through Kindle Unlimited and read all three boys in no time.  When a mysterious letter arrives asking her brother to join the Shadowspell Academy or her whole family will be killed Wild decides to take his place.  Filled with magic, monsters, and assassins this book is a young adult novel that claims to combine Harry Potter with the Hunger Games.

8.  Dragon Orb-- Another series Alec began reading on Kindle Unlimited (though he was dismayed to find the other books were not free by the time he finished reading!).  3 Wizards are struggling to keep their kingdom together through rebellion and civil war.

9- 12  Spirit Animals book 1: Wild Born-- In Erdas it's not every child that possess the magical bond between human and beast.  Those with spirit animal powers must defend their world against powerful evil forces that are starting to rise.  As outside forces continually threaten their survival these children with Spirit Animal bonds begin to work together to protect one another and their way of life.

  Spirit Animals book 2: Hunted

  Spirit Animals book 3

  Spirit Animals book 4


  1. 12 books in one month, wow! I love reading but I rarely read more than one a month

    1. He is a fast reader and pretty much always has a book in his hand. Even in the car!

  2. My daughter is a huge fan of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series. She just finished #7 and was dismayed to discover that #8 isn't out until November. So she's decided to start the series over!

    1. He's re-reading them too! He does that a lot with his favorite series; like the Spirit Animals. He forgot where he left off in the series so he's reading them all again in order.

  3. Thank you for sharing at #ThursdayFavoriteThings. Pinned and shared.


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