The Polar Caves-- Loon Mountain Trip Part #4

On our last day at Loon, we checked out of our hotel and traveled 30 minutes south to check out the Polar Caves.  We had been two other times-- once when we were in college and once when the boys were all quite young.  It's the sort of place you don't really grow tired of.

Us with the boys in 2011

We have pictures of us on this bridge from both previous trips and I really, really wanted to get another one this time but we were the ONLY people in the park when we arrived!

Us in 1999

Most of the caves are quite dark, cool/cold, and narrow and one of them (the aptly named ice cave) even has ice in it through August.

Looking up from the wooden walkways you can see just how sheer the cliffs are above that all these rocks once fell from.

There are neat little overhangs and rock formations everywhere.  Some are cleverly named like the pyramid, or the three dogs that look just like what their name says.

The views from the top are pretty too; especially on a clear sunny day like we had.

There are a lot of stairs and it's a whole lot of up and down for a good solid hour or so.

Once we were done exploring the caves we found a cute little side trail that we took.  It only lasted 15 minutes or so but it had lots of neat signs about the mammals, birds, and ferns found in New Hampshire.

The mosquitoes were out in full force and as we were leaving the park and headed towards the gift shop we saw lots of other families starting their day.

From there we headed home.  Those 3 day weekend sure do fly by fast.  We had a great time and I could absolutely see us visiting Loon Mountain and the surrounding region again.

You can read about where we stayed, the places we ate, and what we did on our three day trip here
You can read about our first day. 
Our second day we went to the Flume Gorge and Franconia Notch


  1. I just adore all of the nature places you find to explore. There are so many beautiful places in our world.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Great photos.

    1. This place look great to explore. you captured some great photos :) Thanks so much for sharing your post with us at Creative Mondays.


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