16 Books My 3 Boys Devoured This Month

With our school year just about wrapped up I didn't expect the boys to have much of anything on their reading list.  I should have known better though.  My middle son LOVES to read and with so many extra hours in his day he has just been devouring books left and right!

Here are the books my boys have been reading (or listening to) this month:

1. Summoner Book 2: The Inquisition-- Alec picked out book as part of his birthday gift and just loved it.  He could not wait to read book 2.  Fletcher and Ignatius have been locked away in a dungeon and must now face a trial.

2.  Wings of Fire book 4: The Dark Secret-- Evan is about half-way through this book and I have found him reading a few times "after" school.  That's when I know he's really enjoying a story.  My younger two just love this whole series.  In this book the Nightwings kidnap their dragon of destiny and the reader gets a glimpse into the hidden and secret world of this dragon tribe.

3.  Iceburg-- Ian has been steadily working his way through this Dirk Pitt novel.  He enjoys the adventure, diving, and pace of these sea exploring books.

4.  Memory Maze-- book 2 in the Hypnotists series.  The boys and I listened to this book on CD together in the car.  In the second book of the series Jax and his family are in hiding from the other hypnotists at the institute.  But Jax is recruited to help an old, rich, dying man extend his life through deep hypnosis but is he really prepared to deal with all the memories?  The book ended on a cliff hanger and we're still waiting for book 3 to come in at our library.

5.  Warriors: Into the Wild-- Alec read through the Warriors series a few years ago and decided he wanted to give them all another read through.  He began with book one; four clans of wildcats have always lived in peace but when that peace is threatened could an ordinary housecat be the answer?

6.  Wings of Fire book 5: The Brightest Night-- Sunny has always taken the prophecies seriously and must decide if her fate is already written or not...

7.  Storm and Siege: Book 2 Grisha Trilogy-- Alina's power has grown and she is both haunted and being hunted.  Determined to lead the Grisha army, she is led deeper and deeper into her powers.

8.  Summoner Book 3: The Battlemage-- The day Alec completed book 2 he requested this one from our library.  In book 3 Fletcher travels through the ether with his classmates on a quest to bring peace to their world.

9.  Warriors: Fire and Ice-- In book two, the ThunderClan warrior Fireheart faces an upcoming battle and some backstabbing from another cat within his own clan.

10. Ruins and Rising: Book 3 Grisha Trilogy-- Weakened from the battle, Alina recovers slowly with the help of the Zealots.  While preparing for the final battle she must embrace the firebird; an ancient creature with magical powers that many believe has gone extinct.

11. Wings of Fire book 6: Moon Rising-- The war of the tribes is over and peace reigns.  A new prophesy and 5 more dragonets come to light.

12. Wings of Fire book 7: Winter Turning-- Winter leaves his family of IceWings to hunt down his sister who has run away from the academy. With the help of a few of his classmates, Winter faces a few enemies but knows he's on his own when it comes time to face his own family.

13.  Wings of Fire book 8: Escaping Peril-- Peril is fiercely loyal of her friends; especially Clay so when they are threatened Peril heads off to face her queen and save the day.

14.  Summoner Book 4: The Outcast-- Knowing that the Summoner series was a trilogy, I did not understand when Alec asked me to request book 4... but it's a prequal to the series.  In this book a new main character emerges and is the first to use summoning power.

15.  Wings of Fire Book 9: Talons of Power-- Turtle does not believe he is a hero by any definition of the word and believes his greatest power is the ability to stay hidden.  But as Darkstalker grows in power Turtle knows something must be done to stop him and begins to wonder if he should try to save the day himself.

16.  Brotherband Chronicles Book 1: The Outcasts-- My husband has been trying to get Alec to read this series for months... Alec spotted the book at the store and wanted to buy it when I reminded him that we had it at home.  He really enjoyed the tales of adventure so much that he just picked up book 2 at our library.  These Outcasts are put to the test in a series of battles at sea with the other bands in their world.


  1. Oh my gosh, that's amazing! I can't believe they read so many books!

    1. I couldn't believe it either! But my middle can read most books in just two days as long as he finds them gripping enough.

  2. These all sound like books my sons would enjoy reading too. Thank you for sharing this list with us. My oldest son liked the Warrior book when he read it.

    I found you on the Reader Tip Tuesday hop.

    1. So far my middle son is the only one to read the Warriors but I know he loved them since he's decided to start all over again at the beginning. I think once my youngest finishes the Wings of Fire series he'll happily start in on the Warriors too.

  3. Taking note here. I'd like my 17 year old to do more reading this summer, and these sound good!

    1. Glad I could help! I hope these suggestions work.

  4. Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. Pinned and shared.

  5. Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 1!

    1. Anytime! I added it to my list of linky's so I won't forget to come back periodically and link up again.


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