What's Up Wednesday-- May

I can not believe it's almost the end of the month and time for another What's Up Wednesday post.  Today I am linking up with Shay and Shafer and all their blogging friends to talk about What's Up.

Let's dive right in!

What We're Eating This Week: I plan the menu around our family's choices and then make small modifications for me and my Weight Watchers plan (often substituting the carb at dinner with a second vegetable).

Sunday: My husband and I will be away and I'm sure my mother in law will spoil the kids with all sorts of non- Weight Watchers friendly foods.

Monday: If we're back by dinnertime we'll cook up some pesto pasta & veggies

Tuesday: Turkey meat loaf with couscous and butternut squash fries

Wednesday: Weight Watchers orange chicken with white rice and roasted green beans

Thursday: This basil- parmesan salmon from Penny's Passion with roasted potatoes and broccoli (I'll cook up homemade chicken fingers for the boys and make enough extras for freezing)

Friday: Grilled chicken with Weight Watcher's All American potato salad and tossed salad

Saturday: Pork tenderloin with egg noodles an roasted asparagus

What I'm Reminiscing About: Our anniversary trips.  My husband and I celebrated 18 years of marriage (26 years together!) this past weekend.   Each year around the time of our anniversary, I start thinking back on all the trips we've taken without the kids.


Walt Disney World

Las Vegas

Charleston, SC

This year we spent a 3 day weekend at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire and we had a fabulous time! (more to come on our trip later!)

What I'm Loving: We tried out a few new foods that I am just loving!  Turkey burgers with butternut squash fries (seriously those fries are amazing!-- I just cut up butternut squash, sprinkled them with salt and pepper and roasted them in our air fryer).

This eggplant parmesan recipe from The Speedy Spatula was soo good! I served it with zoodles and sauce and honestly I could have made a whole meal out of the eggplant.  I swapped out fat free cheese for the cheeses called for and the whole meal was only 3 points!

What We've Been Up To: We had a busy month with lots of hiking and outdoor activities.

We hiked at Moore State Park

On the airline trails; checking out a new section we hadn't walked before.

At Broad Meadow Brook

We finally made it to check out Garden in the Woods

Hiked at Pulaski with our friends

Went to Purgatory chasm a few times

Green Falls Pond

And enjoyed a few kayak rides out on the lake

What I'm Dreading: Honestly?  We dread when the local schools get out (only because our parks, beaches, and museums become so crowded). 

What I'm Working On: Lots and lots and lots of scrapbook pages and paper crafts.  Here are the pages I made earlier this month.  But one of my favorite projects was this adorable coffee cup gift card holder I made for my mother in law for mother's day.

What I'm Excited About: Looking at the boys' books Friday should be our last official day of school. We'll continue with some fun science experiments (finishing up our 100 days of science this summer if it kills me) and we have a few movies and field trips planned too but we never really think of all that fun stuff as "school."  There is always a feeling of joy and relief when we put our books away for a few weeks or month.

What I'm Watching/ Reading: I watched all of season 1 of Big Little Lies-- I liked it but thought the book was so much better.  Finished up the Big Bang Theory and lots of other shows that ended for the season.

I read 9 books in May; you can read all about them here.  My two favorites were Educate and We Never Asked for Wings.

What I'm Listening To: Fun summery feeling music with the windows rolled down.

What I'm Wearing: Lots of flip flops! I just love these sparkly ones I picked up at Target.  I also just ordered a lot of new clothes through Amazon; make sure to come back on Sunday and see what I've been priming.

What I'm Doing this Weekend: Hopefully we can get the wood racks moved off the patio and start bringing out all our summer fun stuff-- like the jet ski.  I can't wait to sit out back and read a book while the boys swim or relax around/in the lake.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month:  Watching the boys swim in the lake and having our public school friends out for summer break.  Going to see a Cirque du Soleil show with the boys and taking off on lots of hikes and kayak rides.

What Else is New: I am just loving my new scrapbooking desk and supplies! I do have a scrapbook area tour planned for the 6th!

How was your month?


  1. I got those sparkly side sandals and Target as well! So cute. I love eggplant so I’ll be all about that. We love to do turkey burgers with sweet potato fries! You've been having the best time girlfriend!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary. The squash fries sound delicious. I know I love sweet potato fries. Thanks for sharing a great idea!

    1. They remind me a lot of sweet potato fries!

  3. Another great week. Oh wow, you got some great visit's in. I wish we could travel more. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing at The Wednesday Blog Hop :)


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