Twice Baked Potatoes: An Updated Recipe!

I was getting so sick of baked potatoes, rice, couscous, and pasta and I knew I needed to try out a new recipe or two.

I had made some twice baked potatoes a few years ago and the boys had been unwilling to give them a try back then but I figured they were older and they were getting more adventurous so I decided to give them another try.

They were a hit!  I had one boy would not try them since they have cheese and he doesn't like cheese but the other two boys happily gobbled up their potatoes and asked me to make them again real soon.

I will too since they were so easy to make!


4 baking potatoes
5 slices bacon, cooked, cooled and crumbled
3 Tbsp. milk
3 Tbsp. butter
1/4 cup sour cream
2  Tbsp. dried chives
1/4 cup shredded cheese; I cheddar jack but just about any kind of cheese would work.

I baked my potatoes in a 350 degree oven for an hour until they were nice and soft on the inside and the skins has just a bit of crunch to them.  I took them out of the oven and let them cool for 15-20 minutes until I could handle them without burning my fingers.

Once cooled, I sliced each potato in half and scooped most of the insides out into a medium sized glass bowl. I lightly sprayed a 9x9 pan with cooking spray and lined up all my potato skins. I made sure I leaving a bit of potato all on the skins so they would still keep their form, like this:

I added bacon crumbles, milk, butter, chives, and sour cream to my bowl of potatoes and mixed it all together well. I realize the bacon is missing from these photos but I did remember to add it in after I took the photo!

Then I added the stuffing back inside the empty potato skins.  Once all my potatoes were stuffed I topped them all with some shredded cheese.

I popped the pan into my preheated oven at 350 for 15 minutes just to heat them back up and make sure the cheese melted.  Once they were nice and warm we pulled them out and served them with our steak and broccoli.

I think I happily could have eaten just the potatoes!  They were so flavorful.

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  1. I love Twiced baked tots soooo much. I am currently low carb so I have been making a casserole with cauliflower, sour cream, cheese, bacon, and green onion to get my fix.

    But it is no substitute for the real thing. :)

    1. I agree; I miss my potatoes; especially with sour cream and cheese. I did buy cauliflower this week to try and fool myself but it really wasn't the same. Good but not the same.

  2. Oh my gosh, these look so good! TFS!

  3. Mmmm, I really need to try this. We had baked potatoes at our Easter dinner last night, and not everybody ate one. Apparently, they're "boring." I know they would love these! Pinning. :)

    1. Ha! I have one boy that says the same thing about plain baked potatoes!

  4. oh so yummy I lover this type of potato thanks for sharing
    come see us at

  5. Before I got to the end of your post, I was going to say that those potatoes look like a meal in and of themselves! YUM!

  6. Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. Pinned and shared.

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  8. Thanks for sharing at the What's for Dinner party. Hope to see you every week!

  9. My m-i-l makes these and they are always a favorite! I've never tried though. Maybe now I will. Thanks for this recipe!

    1. It's really not hard; I found it was just a bit more time consuming but not ridiculously so.

  10. It's 8am and this recipe is making me hungry! I will definitely have to give this a go.

    Amber Johnson

    1. LOL. Sorry! I hate when blogging makes me hungry. :)

  11. Your Twice Baked Potatoes look wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday and come back real soon!
    Miz Heeln


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