Friday Favorites-- The Week We Went to the Shore and The Zoo

We had a very, very rainy start to our week.  But those few gloriously warm and sunny days in the middle more than made up for it.  We took full advantage of the nice weather and set aside our books for two whole days to spend time outside.  We visited the ocean, the zoo and the botanical gardens!

Ian headed to work again on Friday; I just love seeing what a great work ethic he's developing!

We lost power in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday and that pretty much started my day at 3 am; while I did not love getting up that early I did enjoy getting so much accomplished in the morning.  We cleaned out Evan's room and organized all his Lego sets then went through the drawers of both the younger boys seeing what summer clothes they still needed.  It poured all day long.

Sunday we managed to squeeze in a nice long family kayak ride before dinner (and in between rainstorms).

The younger boys and I went to see the new DisneyNature film Penguins on Monday.

After Alec's karate class on Tuesday we headed to a local skating rink for a fun homeschool roller skating afternoon.  We met up with some friends of ours and while Ian hurt his wrist and I had sore muscles for day we did still have quite a lot of fun.

I still have my old skates from middle or high school!

Wednesday the younger boys and I headed to the shoreline to meet up with some of our friends; it was such a beautiful day.  We were mesmerized watching some coast guard helicopters doing maneuvers over the water.

Our lunch view!

We noticed the helicopter approaching the boat..

and saw them lower a man onto the boat!

The helicopter backed off for a bit and then approached the boat again.

We could see them lowering a package or something onto the boat.

A second helicopter appeared and spent a good amount of time just lowering itself over the water.

It too began lowering people near the water and then raising them back up into the helicopter.

We ended our day with a sweet treat in town (instead of getting my own like I normally might have I just had one tiny bite of each boys' dessert). Alec's cloud cake was like a little Slice of Heaven.

All that fresh air and sunshine made us sleepy and I even got a small sunburn; my first (and hopefully last!) of the season.

 Ian headed to work on Thursday and I took the younger boys to the zoo.  They opened a new rainforest building and we were anxious to see the new animals.

We were done at the zoo by lunchtime and decided to take a quick peek in at the botanical gardens.  We had no idea it was time for their annual fairy house display so we spent an hour or so looking at plants and some pretty intricate houses.

How was your week?


  1. Your day at the shoreline looks wonderful! What a beautiful day with beautiful scenery! And botanical gardens are always fun! I've never seen anything like those fairy houses before, thanks for sharing!

    1. We have a few places around us that hold fairy house days; it's so neat to see what local kids and artisans come up with. The creativity is pretty amazing.

  2. I just love your week. I am trying to get closer to your level of field trips next year. We will see if I can do it.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Your photos are lovely! Looks like it was a great time. Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home! --Jennifer

  4. What an amazing week! And I cannot believe how beautiful your view is out your window. I love the freedom that unschooling brings. Anywhere and everywhere is opportunity for learning, we're not tied to the kitchen table. Coming by #LiveLifeWell x

  5. Oh my gosh, so much fun! You always do such fun and educational activities with your kids. What an amazing experience to see that helicopter lowering people and packages to the boat.

    1. It was so neat! We stood there for a good 10 minutes watching them.

  6. OMG. When my kids were younger they were really into building fairy houses outside. When we took walks they'd gather things to bring back home to use to build the houses. Now my daughter has taught the little girl that she babysits to build them. It's such a fun creative project.

    1. How fun! We've thought of making fairy houses but I'm really not sure where to start..

  7. I love all the things you did this week! The beach, the zoo, and the fairy houses all appeal to me!

    1. Thanks! We were so excited to get in so much fun too.


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