Friday Favorites-- The Week We Dyed Eggs

Nothing like waiting until the last minute!  My boys finally agreed to dye Easter eggs this week and we had lots of messy fun with that.  We got out hiking a few times and spent lots of time finishing up schoolwork this week; all three boys only have 2 subjects left!

My husband and I had a wonderful date night on Friday; we got the kids some take out pizza and then we headed to the Whistle Stop and had a delicious dinner.

My husband took Evan and Ian to the movies on Saturday to see Captain Marvel and Alec and I had an afternoon to ourselves.  It's rare that I get any one on one time with my boys!  We played a game together.

Alec pulled out his dough and made a few more characters; sadly one was decapitated during the baking process.  He still has this adorable Pok√©mon though; Litwick is his name.

The younger boys, myself, and my husband went out on a letterboxing hike Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately,  we only found one letterbox but I was thankful that even though the bugs were out in full force we didn't seem to get too badly bitten.

We went on a lovely (if chilly and windy) walk with some friends on Tuesday.

Alec made homemade croissants on Wednesday... and Thursday. I had no idea it would take more than 24 hours to make these incredibly flaky treats but honestly, they were totally worth the wait!!

We FINALLY decorated some eggs for Easter; I'm pretty sure this is the last year we'll by dyeing eggs.  I could tell the boys weren't that enthusiastic to participate this year (and Ian outright refused).  However, they had a great time with the cool whip and food coloring.. it didn't hurt that we had enough cool whip left at the end for them each to eat a scoop.

Ian went to work screening loom a few days this week and the boys went out for ice cream and lunch on various days with their grandmother.

I caught the younger two on a trampoline together one day this week getting their exercise... sort of..

How was your week?


  1. Oh my, fresh homemade croissants. That sounds so good. I didn't even ask mine if they wanted to dye eggs. I was pretty sure the answer would be no way. The funny thing is that they will love it all over again when they have their own.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. They were so good; a lot of work but so good.

  2. The croissants look delicious, and the eggs are very pretty. How precious to have some one on one time with a son!

    1. He did such a great job on those croissants; I could not believe he had the patience to keep at it- rolling, and folding, and cooling... over and over again.


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